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Happy Caturday!

So, I thought I would give an update on my little man, Rocco! He may be little, but he is a huge part of my life.

roccoIsn’t he handsome?!

Just for those of you who are new to the blog, I am the living definition of a cat lady. I’ve always been around cats, and dogs my whole life. We had a full blood collie growing up (RIP Rusty), and he passed away when he was around thirteen years old. After that, my family really didn’t feel like replacing him, and we still had about 5 cats in the house. No, you couldn’t smell litter boxes, and our house was very well-kept! Moving on, I’ve just always been around cats. I adopted Rocco spur of the moment when he was only six weeks old. I was newly diagnosed, on bed rest, and he gave me something to do. Well, a lot of things. I was bottle feeding this brand new kitten, washing him (he was covered in fleas–lovely), and he became my baby. Since then, we’ve been a wonderful dynamic duo. A little over a year ago, the girl with a lung disease learned that her cat was also suffering from possibly the same disease. Instead, this summer, we finally found out that Rocco has such a severe case of asthma that it’s almost a form of cystic fibrosis. He has a lot of gunk in his lungs that causes him to cough to the point he can barely breathe, ALL THE TIME. Last I wrote (I think) was about him not doing so great, and we were getting ready for an echo. The echo led us to the diagnosis, and now we’re able to properly treat him. Now, we treat Rocco with breathing treatments, steroids for breathing, and diet change of course. Thats about all we can do especially when he is going through a “coughing” stage. He’ll cough for what seems like two months straight, then not cough for six. Its insane, but I’m thankful for the good months. Unfortunately, we aren’t in one right now because he’s coughing as I type this.


Overall, I did not deal with him being sick at first. I couldn’t handle it at all. It put me in a very down place for a while, because this is my three-year old cat child who is now suffering with what I deal with too. I still get very upset thinking about it, however, I am beyond grateful that somehow I ended up with this spoiled little guy because anyone else would not know what it takes or feels like, and would’ve tossed a “sick” pet out. I know the feeling because my long time boyfriend did that to me. Rocco is not sick in my eyes, but merely deals with something I deal with too. Yes, I’m the crazy cat lady, and I’m so beyond attached to this handsome kid! He was there for me as a newly diagnosed PH patient, a breakup that soon followed (Rocco was the BEST thing that ever came out of that! haha), and lord knows what else. He’s the best thing to wake up to in the morning, because I look like shit, and he doesn’t care. He is the best, and he deserves the best I can give him. Rocco WILL be healthy one day, and we are fighting to keep him that way. Best buuuuuuddy in the whole world. Rocco Ricardo! ā™„

photo(35)Cute little creeper!



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