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Vlog: T-shirt Questions

I woke up from a nap last night, and decided to make a video. I’ve been getting SO many questions about T-shirts, so hopefully this will clear those up. This is my first video, my makeup isn’t fabulous, I mess up, and this was filmed on my crappy little built-in webcam. Don’t judge. I am not a fancy youtube person, so if you want that or HQ then just don’t watch this video. Anyways, here you go. Also, isn’t that thumbnail fantastic? NOT. Stupid youtube settings.


3 thoughts on “Vlog: T-shirt Questions”

  1. The video was great for a first timer, if I didn’t trust in your integrity so much, I might think you were fibbing about the 1st timer disclaimer. You are impressive and motivate me to start thinking about ways I can raise awareness in my community.

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