PH Fashion

Fashion Friday: My Galian PH Awareness Tote.

Happy Fashion Friday! I’ve finally decided to post about my lovely Galian purse I bought back in July to show my support for PH. Just in case you missed that, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association was featured in People’s Fashion Week for Galian purses donating with every purchase of this lovely mirrored tote! Yay for publicity, right?! This being a very extremely cool moment, I had to participate and purchase one. peoplestylewatchAbout a week later, my tote arrived! It was safely packaged and the purse itself came inside a protective and reusable bag. I can definitely use it to put groceries in, or something! On top of that, it came with a very flashy, gold reusable bag that I can use for random errands as well. The purse itself? HUGE. Which I love! It’s very shiny, I absolutely love the leather handles and accents, as well as the leopard lining! This is going to be a perfect traveling purse for doctor appointments, and what not because you can fit anything in this bag due to it being so tall. I carried a magazine in it forever, and it wasn’t even noticeable. I mean seriously, were they thinking about us patients, and all our medical documents when they designed this bag? Anyways, I’m so happy I made this purchase not only because I love purses, I love fashion, but I got to support, and represent a very small part of Pulmonary Hypertension. Please check out to see their very large and amazing collection of bags, my favorite thing ever. Seriously, my purse fetish is insane, and I’m happy to add this to the collection. Thank you so much Galian for your support!

galian Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset



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