Withdrawal, Here I Come.

Addiction; the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. A plague that has been attacking us humans since the very beginning. Most of the time, we fall into this hole without even realizing we’re standing in it till we look up, realizing how deep we are into the darkness. We pair addiction mostly with drugs, and alcohol, but we tend to look past the fact that addiction can attack us in the “simplest” of ways, fooling us into thinking we’re fine. There is no way we could be addicted to “that.”


For a long time now, I’ve known how much I love my coffee, dessert, ice cream, and things like so. My best friend has even caught on with my ridiculous cravings, and mood swings when I haven’t had my serving of such things. We never took it seriously, but the word addiction had sputtered out of our mouths a few times. So last night I found myself at Hastings, a giant blueberry muffin in one hand, and a pumpkin pie latte in the other. I turned down an unknown aisle just to eat my muffin in private, and just when I had finished it, a hot pink book captured my attention with the side reading, “Beat Sugar Addiction Now!” My curiosity overwhelmed me, so I found a chair and began reading. It opens up with a short list of what sugar addiction can lead to: Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, pain, decreased immune function, chronic sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disease, cancer, hypertension, heart disease, hormonal problems, schizophrenia, yeast infections and ADHD. Remember, Thats the short list. In my continued reading, I find out there are four different types of addicts, and I identified myself as type one. I also took the quiz to see if I was in fact type one. If you scored about 70 then it was a for sure in which you needed to start “rehabilitation” and changing your ways immediately. I scored a 125.

I’ve been trying to improve my lifestyle as well as my weight for over three years now, and haven’t been able to figure out why exactly I fail at it, again and again. Not only has my weight been an issue, but insomnia, the way I eat, chronic headaches, and so many other things that I put back on my disease. Having a disease that can so easily play a part to feeling like crap daily, I never thought that the one thing I loved indulging in was making it worse. You can say, “Haley you have a chronic heart, and lung disease that contributes to you feeling this way.” Um, no. There were too many things that were closely aligned with the way I feel, and behave that explains this sugar addiction. Also, taking a close look at just what I ate today is ridiculous proof. Yes, Pulmonary Hypertension does adjust how I feel daily, but all of this sugar consumption has made it beyond worse. It’s amazing how badly an overuse of sugar can affect us, and leave us only with a train wreck of physical damage. This week I’m starting my new program into a physical recovery from this addiction so I can feel, and look better. For people with sugar addiction it’s called the SHINE technique. Sleep, Hormone support, Infections (helping your immune system), Nutrition and Exercise. It states that I’ll be having withdrawal systems for a while but I should feel somewhat better after ten days. So here is to a new season, a new week, and a new lifestyle. I know all this sounds crazy, but I am living proof with how awful I’ve been feeling physically, and also how I’ve been feeling about myself. If you think you’re suffering from a possible sugar addiction or any addiction in particular, please acknowledge it for what it is, and help yourself.

Check out the amazing book where I received all this information from, Beat Sugar Addiction Now by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, Also, enjoy the song of the week, “Blood and Peanut Butter” by B.C. Camplight.



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