Personal Life

I Am Tired.

jesusMany apologies loves for not posting, and things like so. September is going to be a rough, very busy and crazy month! Why you ask? The first month of school is always crazy since we are adjusting to new schedules! Also, I’m exposed for the first time in a while to all these kids which means I’m getting sick AGAIN. I’ll probably be sick through October, because this happens almost every year! So please please please be patient when it comes to getting in contact with me or with posting, because I’m adjusting. I’m either at school, work or at home asleep. I am hoping for understanding! Also, when it comes to shipping packages, things are getting tricky. I’m at school at the beginning part of the day, then I have to travel to work. By the time I leave work the post office is closed. So that is why it has been SO difficult with shipping!

I’m sorry y’all. I have no inspiring words today other than to catch y’all up. I am busy, tired, sick and overwhelmed. Other than that, I will be contacting someone for Survivor Sunday, FINALLY. Enjoy the new song of the week Could be Anything by Eames Era. It’s from Grey’s and I love it so incredibly much.



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