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They Did Their Part.

It is “Invisible Disease Awareness Week!” WOO-HOO! Share blog posts, pictures or anything that will tell the public about Pulmonary Hypertension. Anyways, while cleaning my room the other day (thank you Jesus that finally happened) I found these wonderful works of art that some of my 5th grade students did last year. While learning about body systems last year, I educated them on my disease. I cannot even believe how well they picked up on what PH does, and how interested they were! These eager ten-year olds were fantastic. To encourage further learning, they all got to wear awareness ribbons, there was a raffle of PH prizes (paintings of the lungs) and then they had the chance to make their own PH Awareness poster. The winner received a Just Breathe shirt as well as the picture of their work on my blog. I love them so much. ALL of my kids are incredibly talented in their own way and it was amazing to see them show their skill! I cannot speak ENOUGH about how important my kids (students) are to me. I’ve said many times that as a teacher, your students should be number one in your mind and lifting you up. When you are concerned about friends, scores and money…you need to find another job. Children have a sixth sense of knowing who really cares about their existence and happiness, and who doesn’t. They just know. That’s when a student-teacher bond is formed, when they can sense that you care. They are still your student, and they need hard discipline, but they need to be loved as well. Evaluate your actions carefully.

I love and miss these kids so incredibly much just talking about them! I can’t believe how excited they were to learn about PH! Here were our contest winners:

Brianna, 10 years old



Ruben, 10 years old


Arent they so talented? I love them. I love my students. I love kids. Thank you to all my sweet babies who learned and did their part in raising awareness at such a young age, and truly caring. Are you doing your part?



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