Life With PH

Better Things Are Coming.

So my loves it’s the first day of September. I’m officially converting to fall, breaking out the dark lipstick, pumpkin candles and trying to embrace new life.


It finally hit me that today is actually September and I was supposed to do Survivor Sunday. Ooops! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted much, emailed and kept up. The first week of school is always super hard on me not only because I’m still a student but also teaching. So the first week is just beyond crazy, tiring, emotional and everything else. BUT ANYWAYS, a week from today I will write a Survivor Sunday post! If you’ve already entered your story, then I have it. If you want the chance to win a shirt, submit your story to BY FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6TH. Also, Instagram added a sidebar to WordPress (FINALLY)! I love Instagram so much because I love taking pictures. Sooo, I’m excited about that update. I’m sorry I haven’t done any real writing in a while, but prepare yourself for some actual writing this week. Enjoy the song of the week, Tin Sparrow’s “For You”. It’s just amazing and that’s all I have to say about that. Keep your chin up lovelies, it’s the beginning of a new season and month. Better things are coming.



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