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Wrapping Up the Contest!

Hello lovelies! Sorry its been a little while, but school has started and I’m back to exhaustion! Its been really really REALLY tough week for so many reasons. However, the song of the week (Al Green’s Lets Stay Together) is keeping me sane. But moving on, this is a short little post to remind you that THIS FRIDAY (August 30th) a PH manicure winner will be chosen!! 🙂 How exciting! So get your entries in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at the chance to win! Get creative and have fun with it! I’m posting pictures below of the entries I’ve gotten so far. Thank y’all so much for showing off your awesome manicures (and toes) and showing support and awareness for this disease. Y’all are awesome.

photo(7)Elizabeth from England


Heather Bielawski


Sydney Carlo


Kayla Nicole from Boston Massachusetts


Shanon Moncrief


Jody Miller




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