Life With PH

Just Give Me Room to Breathe

So after a lot of bumps in the road, thoughts and sleepless nights I’ve just finally made a decision.

This blog means the world to me, as well as y’all. But for now I’m stepping away because I am in no place to be writing. I have a lot of issues to get past at the moment that seem to be escalating, and I am grabbing at nothing at the hopes that y’all will stay interested and keep reading. I have no topics, no encouraging words because I am the prime example right now of hitting rock bottom with a disease. And let me tell ya, I’ve hit it. I just feel weird trying to offer words of wisdom when I cant even see them or find them right now because I’m so covered up in whats wrong with me. I hope y’all will be understanding because I cant find it anywhere. Also, Happy almost Birthday (August 12 to be exact) to my amazing brother, John. Love you so much, you are an amazing best friend and brother. Truly my other half.


Lord knows how long the break will be, maybe a week…maybe a month. HOWEVER, The contest is STILL going, I will STILL be checking my email and there WILL be a winner. Thank y’all for reading and stay tuned. I’m off to find my sanity. Thank you for all the kind words, emails and what not. Y’all mean the world to me.



7 thoughts on “Just Give Me Room to Breathe”

  1. That you share your truth is so important to the rest of humanity. Take it from me, I am 67 years old and I learn from you everyday. Although I do not PPH, a loved one, only 3 years old has it and her sister died in 2008 because of it and it helps to know that we are all in this together.

  2. No one else knows what those of us with PH are really experiencing. I love your blog because I see another phenomenal young woman rocking this disease. Reading about the bad sides of your phight helps me remember I’m not the only one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Haley Ann,

    Sorry that this disease has gotten the best of you. For now. Focus on you. Rest up. Take your meds. Heal. We will still be here when you are ready. We all need to be supportive of each other.

    Breathe easy, my young friend.

    Deborah Webster

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Unsure of what PH was, I looked it up online. As someone with heart/lung issues, I have many common symptoms. What I’m saying is I can closely relate to your struggle and also understand the challenge of trying to inspire when feeling uninspired. My advice to you would be fight. People have told me I have inspired them when all I’m doing is surviving. U can too!

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