Life With PH

Manicure Monday

Happy Monday loves! So we have a NEW CONTEST posted under the contest tab! We all know that nail designs are all the rage right now. We can put anything we want on them, they are a representation of our fashion, style, tastes and US. So why not represent PH Awareness on your nails at least once?! Exactly. I’ve done it before and so have many others. So therefore, I want to see a picture of your PH Awareness manicure! What should it have on it? Whatever you want. Purple, zebra, lungs, awareness ribbons, etc… It doesn’t matter! But it should clearly be a representation of this disease! Send your mani to   The winner will be chosen August 30th, 2013. I will be deciding a winner and we will have a guest judge, the fabulous Nail Guru Candice Lee! This girl knows whats good for your nails, what polish to choose, designs and how to even do fake nails at home. She’s great and she’s also my  best friend so I knew she’d be perfect for this. What will the winner receive? A Just Breathe shirt, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Organic Soap in the perfect PH color (See what I use it for at the bottom of this post and how AMAZING this stuff is) , a Que Bella Lavender Mask and a PH color Polish (Lacey Lavender by Xtreme)!  There are lots to win here folks and perfect for a beauty day at home. 🙂 Check out more info BELOW!


photo(5)What I use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap for! SO AMAZING!

candice1Our guest judge, Candice Lee.


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