Survivor Sunday

Survivor Sunday: Nicole Northrop

Happy Survivor Sunday y’all! 🙂

Nicole Northrop was born what they thought was a healthy baby girl, 4 weeks premature at 4lbs and 13oz. This was her moms first and only child, so she didn’t question the doctor when they kept saying that Nicole was absolutely fine despite her “always sick” conditions. Around 2 1/2 years old, Doctors started showing some concern about how they thought Nicole wasn’t speaking right. She was soon enrolled in daycare to hopefully help with that development but instead became even more ill with strep and pneumonia which landed her in the hospital. She was treated, diagnosed with asthma and sent on her way around 6 years old. Nicole bravely started kindergarten but missed over 30 days of school due to continued illness. She finally had upper GI tract testing done as well as an X-Ray to explore a cause for her lack of weight gain. An Echocardiogram was performed as well but came back normal. Nicole’s mother, Jane continued to trust the doctors. However, when Nicole’s fingernails started turning purple it raised Jane’s concerned even more. Instead her daughter was diagnosed with general anxiety, ADD, OCD and was put on Zoloft. The medication did help but Nicole continued to suffer from blue lips as well as fingernails, shortness of breath and just struggling to play as a child. Finally, January 21, 2010 Nicole was taken to a pediatrician and Jane began to explain what her daughter had been dealing with all these years. The doctor quickly put a pulse oximeter on her finger (that’s what got them to believe me Miss Nicole!!) and received a reading of 79%! He couldn’t believe it and tried a different machine that gave him a reading of 83%. Nicole was immediately referred to a cardiologist.
The following day at 15 years old, Nicole was finally diagnosed with Severe Pulmonary Hypertension, two smaller holes in her heart and Eisenmenger Syndrome. The same year as me Nicole!! 😉 In February after a right heart cath she began treatment of Sildenafil and oxygen. Oh my goodness Miss Nicole! You have been through so much (which I’m sure you hear all the time) but this disease is not for the weak at all. There is a reason you are still alive so appreciate yourself! Seriously. PH can get ridiculous but it’s our job as strong people to pick ourselves up and keep moving. You are doing great so far or you wouldn’t still be here. You are PHabulous!! 🙂
Jane, you are a PHenomenal mother as well! Thank you so much for entering the Survivor Sunday contest and being featured. Enjoy your Just Breathe T-shirts!! 🙂

“I try to stay positive if for no other reason than for my daughter. I will always be here for my daughter and will do anything that I can for her. If she needs to live with us for the rest of her life, that’s okay. If she can’t work, that’s okay. Whatever is in store for her future I am right there with her.”



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  1. Thanks for sharing this brave young girls story and all she has been through! Im so glad to know she was finally properly diagnosed! I enjoyed reading it Haley! I enjoy your posts! Mary

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