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Fashion Friday Continued: Oh Happy Day!

So I’m having to make ANOTHER post because yesterday exploded with amazing things! First of all, the Mind Over Matter shirts are officially ready for those of you who ordered!! 🙂 This company is amazing to work with, the shirts look incredible and I am just so happy that I cant put into words. I will let you know when I ship your packages! I am scrambling because I leave town tomorrow loves and I will not get back into town until Thursday!


And Second! The Pulmonary Hypertension Association landed themselves in this months People Stylewatch on page 187 under Charity Finds!! This is a huge step and I think fits perfect with Fashion Friday! You can purchase this amazing tote at    Seriously y’all, its just amazing. Its your job to get this disease known, so keep spreading the word and do what you can! Have a lovely saturday.



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