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Sooo, once again I’m here to remind you about the contest. Why? Because I’ve gotten hardly any entries and that’s kind of disappointing. I mean really people…

A lot of you have contacted me wanting to buy the Just Breathe Lung shirts. You absolutely cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot purchase these. Why? Because I received special money to print a lot of these and special money comes with special rules. I can’t generate a profit off of these. So what do I do? I give them away to people who show that they truly want them by participating in contests or I go to schools and I give them away to kids there as well. So this contest is your chance to get a T-shirt(s). I’ve had so many people contact me wanting them, yet so many little participants. So that just doesn’t add up, am I right?

Once again, this is SIMPLE. Go look at the contest (under the CONTEST tab) , make your sign (paper, board WHATEVER) , submit your photo ( and there ya go! First place gets three shirts, Second gets two, third gets one. Also, I ship to OTHER COUNTRIES so you are in fact eligible if you don’t live in the US. And I have children’s sizes for little ones that you might want to give a shirt.

So, this is a slap on the wrist and I know it sounds tacky and awful…but do not contact me about buying the Just Breathe shirts. You win them or you submit your story for Survivor Sunday (at and you earn a shirt. Sound ridiculous? I’m sorry. Love y’all!! I really do and I’m thankful for y’all! 🙂 But this is your chance to get some shirts and y’all aren’t even taking it. My rant is over.


P.S. This contest ends in less than a week. Good luck y’all!


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