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One Week!!

One week y’all till the contest is OVER! Get out there, take your pictures and submit them!! I’m ready to see some cool photos. After much thought, I also added a SECOND PLACE (They will win 2 shirts) and a THIRD PLACE (They will win 1 shirt) and of course FIRST PLACE will win the three shirts. Here is an up close picture of what exactly the shirts look like. Why do they have the date on the back? Because that’s when the shirts were created and I wanted to remember the year. You’ll live.


Yesterday I received an awesome entry from Gjurgica Kjaeva in Gevgelia in R.Macedonia, Europe. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Thank you so much for your awesome submission! 🙂 I love seeing stuff like this and I cant believe my readers are that far out. SO COOL.

Gjurgica Kjaeva

So get out there and get the job done. Remember, we have kid sizes as well for your little ones. Also, Survivors featured on Survivor Sunday will get a complimentary shirt!! If you want the chance for you and your story to be featured, then submit it here by AUGUST 2nd! Have a lovely week y’all! 🙂



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