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Movie Monday: Send Me No Flowers

So, I thought I would do a Movie Monday just for the hell of it! This is my first official week of Vacation, FINALLY! What better way to spend the first lazy day by watching one of my favorite movies?! In my family, we grew up listening to old music, watching old TV shows and movies of course. I’m so thankful because I think it seasoned my mind to see what the world use to look like and how things worked… and that being lady like should never go out of style. Anyways, my all time favorites from childhood would definitely be Doris Day movies. Her humor is so ridiculously funny and the movies (as well as music) are just the cutest ever. My favorite movie ever would be Send Me No Flowers. From the amazingly cute song, to the colorful flowers and hysterical movie plot it’s just an overall winner.

Doris’s husband (played by the lovely Rock Hudson) is a hypochondriac who thinks he’s dying and has convinced everyone around him that he got the terrible news he is in fact dying. But when the Doctor comes back into town from a fishing trip and tells his wife a different story, she’s convinced he’s lying to cover up an affair. Oh it’s just the greatest movie ever. We think we take a lot of pills? Psh, wait till you see his. So just in case you have nothing better to do, definitely check this flick out! It’s so worth it. There ya have it! Short and sweet.



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