Life With PH

Important Updates!!

There is so much going on, that besides a regular post I needed ANOTHER post to get y’all caught up!!!

So first on the list, check out the NEW CONTEST under the contest tab! Tis the season for traveling and vacations, so this will fit in perfectly. You could win up to 3 Just Breathe T-shirts so PLEASE head over to that page to read up on the details.

T-SHIRTS!! T-SHIRTS!! T-SHIRTS!! Can y’all tell I’m excited?! Well for the Mind Over Matter T-shirt, your orders are DUE THIS FRIDAY!! After that I am not taking orders because I will be collecting money! For those of you who have placed an order, I need your money by July 26th! I will notify you as soon as I receive your money so there is no doubt that I got it! 🙂 Thank you loves! I am so excited and I hope y’all are too!

ALSO, remember that when you are featured as a survivor on Survivor Sunday, you also get a Just Breathe T-shirt!! I write about someone the first Sunday of every month so we can hear other people’s stories. Sunday, August 4th will be when a write a new one, so I want your story submitted by August 2nd!! Want your story heard? Email me at for a chance to be heard. Survivors are chosen at random.

A LOT of people have contacted me about wanting to purchase a Just Breathe shirt! Remember, I cannot sell these but there are plenty of chances to win them through the blog! Stay active, participate and read and you just might become the owner of one!!! 🙂 Thank y’all so much! ALSO, song of the week is the beautiful song Icarus by White Hinterland. So runway, isn’t it? Lets make this the start of a lovely week!



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