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Fashion Friday: My Summer Must Haves

I finally decided to do a Fashion Friday post and what better to do it on than summer? So after being picky and indecisive, here are my summer must haves!! Enjoy my loves.


So I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of short dresses because I feel amazing when I wear a maxi dress. Why? Well I feel formal yet casual which I love! Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to look fancy and that hasn’t changed at all years later. However, we don’t need to look fancy everywhere. I think maxi dresses are a great way to satisfy that urge yet not look ridiculous. Lately, I’ve been in love with the faux leather look thrown into different outfits. Its edgy yet so elegant in my opinion! This dress is fabulous. Wear it during the day to keep cool or at night to look edgy and fabulous. DONT forget amazing accessories either. 😉

leatherdressCan be found at


I’m in love with how a denim jacket can look. It’s so rugged, 90’s, careless and young. And HEY! Its durable. In my opinion you will never find a fabulous jean jacket at the mall. I think the truly amazing ones are to be found in a thrift store that are true 80’s and Rocky Mountain jackets. If you find one, that is probably the greatest thing ever! I found mine at a thrift store and I love it so incredibly much.



I will always be in love with Doc Martin’s. They are necessary for winter (snow) and for summer (hiking and mountains). END OF STORY. Best part? Find any color or pattern you want!



When I think of summer shorts, I think denim. DUH. And when I think of the perfect denim shorts I think of baby, as in Dirty Dancing. She had the MOST perfect summer denim shorts ever! They accented her perfect little body too and best part? They weren’t riding up her ass! GIRLS JUST STOP! IT HAS NEVER BEEN CUTE! These are a perfect length and all parts of her butt is covered. No denim panties here! Just simple, well cropped tasteful shorts. Go to a thrift store to find this authentic look!



So in the summer I’m all for sandals which are great to look cute, dressy, casual and will get us where we need to go. But lets not forget about the amazing heels!! I have found my perfect summer heels! They are comfortable (SERIOUSLY) and have the bling that I need. They are the 8 hour wedge from the Buckle! Check them out! I wear them everywhere. They are seriously perfect.

8hourwedgeCan be found in Buckle stores


So this is sort of two and one! Summer sun means we need amazing shades!! I’m ALWAYS buying sunglasses and I ALWAYS break and lose them. Seriously. But these are my loves this year (besides my classic aviators) which can be found at Charlotte Russe! They were definitely Mad Men inspired! Also, I love the bubble necklaces lately however, I like this one because it wasn’t just circles! I love the flower design. So 60’s and I’m so in love. 🙂


Both accessories can be found at Charlotte Russe


Oh y’all know me. I’m always looking for a new purse! Purse’s are a persssonall thing so I think they’re so important and fun to have! Summer means a light-colored bag and even a fun one with designs and colors. Well that always spells out Betsey Johnson to me!!! She is perfect to look at when it comes to summer and fun, whether its your actual bag or a beach bag! Love her. I found this great one on her website AND its on sale. Who doesn’t love fringe and roses?



I guess this is the first time I’m doing hair accessories because I’ve fallen in love with two for the first time! I’m not one for hair experimenting. It’s either curly or straight and always down. Well I got a little crazy and found this hair band at Ulta (it was leopard) and decided to give it a try. I fell in LOVE! I think with the right outfit, it girls it up and looks so 60’s. And perfect for hiding oily unwashed hair! hahaha. Another option that I love SO much its the sock bun! Who isn’t obsessed with these lately?! Unwashed hair? Going to the pool? Then throw it the heck up! Get a hair donut at a beauty store or even Charlotte Russe and learn how to use it. hairbandhairbun

Well my loves, that’s all I really have to say when it comes to my Fashion “wisdom” lately, if you can even call it that. I hope y’all have a lovely weekend!! 🙂



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