Life With PH

The Meaning of Having a Disease

After many emails, phone calls, family and blah blah blah…I haven’t had much on my mind when it comes to writing this week. Which sucks. But I had to contact someone today who isn’t doing well with acceptance (been there, wrecked that) and they happened to ask what the meaning of Pulmonary Hypertension is. The actual meaning of what it is to cope with this disease everyday and to accept it. For the first time in a while I actually had to sit back and go through my past to somewhat comprehend what I’ve learned so far. And I just thought I’d share what I came up with. Take or leave it, life is just full of choices.

Overall, Pulmonary Hypertension means your body failed you in some way. After all this is an earthly body and we were promised (I don’t know if you believe) by God that because of the evil in this world, that we would have flaws. This is merely a flaw. We CHOOSE to become stronger, “phight” it and carry on with our lives or fall into it, letting it consume us. We have our choice… so just choose. Don’t fall back into PH letting it have anything else. It has your body and that’s it, not YOU. You HAVE a disease, you are not the disease. That’s what Pulmonary Hypertension means.

I don’t know really how else to sum things up when it comes to fighting all this mentally. I hope this helped a few more of you! Short and sweet will have to do for today. Dont forget to check out the amazing Song of the Week, Tin Man by America. Simply beautiful!




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