Survivor Sunday

Survivor Sunday: Debra Horvat

FINALLY! I’m doing a Survivor Sunday! I know it’s been forever but I guess better late than never, right? Maybe.

This is a very hard one to write about in general because I don’t even know where to start. However, I’m glad you’re still here today Debe because I don’t know how I could’ve been! This is a true fighter folks! Pulmonary Hypertension was surprisingly not Debe’s first serious diagnosis, but instead Cervical Cancer. She was concentrating as a Restaurant Manager working sixty hours a week, so as you can see by the time they caught this…it was advanced to stage 3B. After numerous radiation treatments they then found her bladder was hemorrhaging and it had to be removed completely. Soon after, her kidneys became a problem (biolaterial hydronephrosis) then after a surgery to end this issue it seemed as if she was good… and she was for about seven years. In 2002 they discovered she had to have a colon resection and six years later a total right hip replacement due to necrotizing fasciitis a flesh-eating disease. Are y’all overwhelmed yet?! She no longer became able to work at doing something she loved and soon found that after a kidney surgery she had blood clots in her lungs. GEEZ! And now in September of 2012 was finally diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and is undergoing continuous IV Remodulin treatment. She gained over 40lbs of swelling but is doing so much better thanks to her Doctors in Chicago, Dr. Marti Gomberg-Maitland.


Wow Debe! Everyone’s story is different (which is why I do this) but HOLY COW! You’ve definitely had to portray this image of “Mind Over Matter” to get through all of this. Like I said, I’m so glad you are still with us because your body has done its best to do so! You are a true fighter and I’m so glad we are all able to see your story now! Enjoy your Just Breathe T-shirt! Lord knows you deserve it chica!! 🙂 Stay in touch and PHenomenal!

Want your story heard? Email Haley for a chance to be chosen and receive a free Just Breathe T-shirt! Survivors are chosen at random.



4 thoughts on “Survivor Sunday: Debra Horvat”

  1. Debra Horvat is truely the best woman ive ever known… all that she has been though…shes done with grace and style….shes an inspiration….keep on …..just breathe

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