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Rebounding? It’s Possible?

Good morning my loves!! I can’t believe it’s already July 1st. June was so disappointing this year, but we wont get into that. It’s the very first day of a brand new month so we need to pick ourselves up and do something!! Get motivated to accomplish something whether its cleaning, garage sell, weight loss…anything. Of course my goal is staying consistent with my meds.


Y’all know me…I’m always missing a dose. Sometimes its truly by accident and other times I just don’t feel like taking it or don’t think I need to. Yes, I know it’s not good. Well I had no idea on what level on not good it was! Of course I had a pretty bad episode (chest pain, numbness, blacking out) on June 1st. After I woke up I was sweaty, very week, nauseated and could hardly walk. Not to mention my feet being purple. I’ve never had an episode that bad! I knew why I had it (not taking my meds) so I decided not to bother my doctor. Well I had my appointment on Friday and everything went pretty well except for some thyroid issues and I got taken off coumadin! Thank you Jesus! BUT when I mentioned the episode he explained a system to me called “Rebound Hypertension” that I had no idea about.

The whole goal of PH is to bring down pressures in the heart as well as the pulmonary artery. The normal pressure is around 10-12, mine was 76. This is around a normal pressure for undiagnosed or severe PH. After treatment for about 6 months we measured my pressures (they do this with a heart cath surgery) and they had been brought down to 47! Woo-hoo! In January over a year later we measured again and they are now sitting at 37! So this means treatment is working. HOWEVER, when you skip even ONE DAYS DOSE you can shoot that pressure back into the 80’s!! Thats called Rebounding, hints the name Rebound Hypertension. Can y’all believe it?! Only one day and you could be back to square one. And people who are on IV treatment are not supposed to go ONE MINUTE. After hearing about my episode he told me that it should’ve killed me and it almost did, overall he was surprised I even woke up.

So as you can see its important to take pills! But  how do we remember these inconvenient little things? Start with a traveling pill case. It doesn’t have to be the ugly big things that take up all the room in your purse. It can be like mine that I found at Steinmart! Its a small leopard and pink case that can go anywhere and not to mention CUTE! Something else you might try is leaving your next dose by the coffee pot in the morning or maybe even on the bedside table if you’re taking them at night. Always set visual reminders! The next step are alarms on your phone. Seriously, an old boyfriend use to do this. If you have to, do it. Basically, lets avoid rebounding into worse things. It’s a new day, new month and we need to go forward not backwards. Its time to be responsible and dependable so this life we live will out live the breathe in our lungs.


Check out the song of the week! Such an amazing mix by Lushlife.

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4 thoughts on “Rebounding? It’s Possible?”

  1. YIKES, Haley! That is scary. I keep my pill container on the kitchen table on my placemat. It reminds me every morning before I leave the house to take my pills.

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