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Make It Known

Hello my loves! Just a real quick reminder that you have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to enter yourself in the contest by following my blog!! 🙂 Also check out putting yourself on the order list for a Mind Over Matter shirt by emailing me at

Also my lovely photographer finished this poster yesterday and it’s our job as the PH community to share and get it KNOWN! Pin it, share it, tweet it and post it. Lets get it out there folks!! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Make It Known”

  1. Hi Haley Ann, I am so happy to hear you are doing well with PH! Our daughter was diagnosed in 2008, during high school senior year. Now we’re looking forward to her starting medical school in 3 weeks after 4 years of college.  Yes! for effective treatment and more research!!! Regarding the tshirts, what is the price on those & how do sizes run? Would love to order one for Emily. Thank you! Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie!
      Wow Emily sounds like an amazing person!! Getting diagnosed WHILE in high school and now doing medical school?! That is crazy! I am very happy for her. The only ones I can take orders for at the moment are the Mind Over Matter shirts. You can see that design underneath the shop tab at the top! These are men’s sizes they run just a tad big for us ladies–but I wear a medium. I’m around 5’3″ and 145. As far as the Just Breathe (lung) shirt I can only give them away through contests and things like so due to grant rules from the PH association. So keep reading and stay in touch with all contests to possibly win one!! 🙂 Thank y’all so much for finding the blog!

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