Life With PH

Pure Craziness

So lately I’ve noticed that every Monday I’ve given y’all blog updates. There is so much going on, so that’s what this one will be about as well! 🙂


Thank you so much to all of you who have reached out, contacted me, followed the blog, commented and everything else. It is FANTASTIC. There are no other words to describe that. As far as the Just Breathe shirts (the lungs); I unfortunately cannot sell them right now. However I have plenty to give away…SO keep your eyeballs glued to the blog for upcoming contests! There will even be family contests where a family pack will be given away! Sooo the more you read and stay in touch, the better chance you have at winning a shirt. 🙂 ALSO! Don’t forget to check out the shirt that we are actually collecting names for to SELL, the “Mind Over Matter” shirts. You can read more about that with the link below OR under the SHOP tab. Moving on!

I am a complete stooge and forgot to do Survivor Sunday like FOREVER ago. :O I can’t even believe I forgot to do such important posts. haha. More about Survivor Sunday, it is the FIRST Sunday of every month that I will post someone else’s story with their PH! (whether its them or their family member) If you’ve been chosen for a Survivor story, you will receive a lung shirt! Woohoo! Want your story heard? Email me at   *Survivors are chosen at random in a drawing*. 🙂

Sooo there is all that crazy info for the week! The song for this week is the amazing Sixteen Candles by The Crests since its my biiiiiiirthday tomorrow! No, I will not be sixteen, however I just love this song and think everyone should get to hear it on their birthday. It is fabulous. Stay in tune this week, keep reading and don’t forget to enter yourself in the competition by FOLLOWING if you haven’t already done so! Share with friends, family and patients as well. Have a fabulous week y’all!


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3 thoughts on “Pure Craziness”

      1. Hey I was serious about having a piece of birthday cake for us. I’m a freak for birthday cake (as long as it has buttercream frosting!). I’ll even take a birthday cupcake! I have 3 more months until I get my cake. =o)


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