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Start Packing Lovely.


So unless you’re living under a rock, obviously its summer. With Pulmonary Hypertension, this season can wear us the heck out. From being on our feet, traveling, the heat…It’s just a mess. Also we have to think ahead when it comes to our health and being away from our doctors. So what exactly should our packing list look like when we’re getting ready for our summer vacation and random traveling? Oh honey. Lets begin.


This should be the first thing we stock up on. Whether its pills, IV Remodulin or anything of the such, you should have a plentiful if not more than enough supply just in case. The traveling pill cases are the best because lets face it, stupid bottles take up too much room. It also gives the opportunity for them to get stolen and seeing as how bottles have all your personal info displayed, it’s not such a good idea. As far as IV Medication goes, I’m truly sorry I have no experience with this. You should know what to do and if not, contact your physician. So yes, traveling pill case? Check.


I don’t care if you’re going to the mountains or good ‘ol granny’s house…oxygen should always come. You never know when you’ll get the “heavy, dull, tight or full” feeling and will need it. It’ll also help with headaches and exhaustion. If you’re flying somewhere you must have an oxygen concentrator machine that is specially designed to go into the air with you, so you can breathe when your ridiculously high in the air. Make those arrangements with your oxygen supply company. It’s amazing how much oxygen we don’t realize we’re getting until we put those tubes up our nose. I take at least three tanks with me and remember to treat them with care! You NEVER want to drop an oxygen tank. This is a chemical, it will explode. Sooo, O2? Check.


When traveling by plane with that funky special oxygen machine, you’ll need papers explaining why you have it to get on the plane. Check on that with your oxygen supply company, the airline and your doctor. I know, so much work. Continuing on, It’s always a good idea having papers or a card in your wallet explaining your disease, your medication, your doctor and your personal info if a medical emergency did arise and you have no way of communicating. ALWAYS have that on you and make sure people who are with you know it’s there. Just sayin’.


This is mainly for people who do have the 24/7 pump. We don’t want to miss out on swimming!! That’s one of the best parts. Wherever you’re going, if there is swimming/water involved, think about steps to protect your tubes.


Always be aware of where you’re going and what will be available to you. Know about hospitals and things like so. It sucks to think of the worst possible scenario but at least you’ll have been prepared.


PH does not have to be some heavy baggage you have to lug around on your vacation. When you treat it how its suppose to be treated and take all the steps, it’ll become more of an invisible passenger. Prepare yourself and enjoy your summer. As for me? I’ll be in the mountains. But don’t worry, I’ve gone through this list many times 😉



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