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Shirts…Shirts?! SHIRTS!

Hellloooo my loves!! Today has been fabulous. Why might you ask? Well it rained early this morning and then AGAIN in the evening and that is amazing for this dry Texas panhandle. Then we had Rocco Ricardo’s follow-up appointment after his echo to see what is wrong with his heart. Turns out, his heart is great (the left is slightly enlarged) but he has severe asthma which we will have to treat of course! But we are so happy he wont be dealing with heart failure! 🙂

Moving onto more amazing news,  new shirts are going to be printed soon if you are interested in looking cool. This new design (Mind Over Matter) will be on a shirt super soon! Whats the catch? Well, in order to print all of everyone’s orders we have to have at LEAST 24. Sooo if you want to own this shirt for $12 of your money send your name (first and last) and official email address to  I will have a proof of the shirt soon (It will show exactly what it’ll look like front and back). I DO NOT NEED PAYMENT OR SIZING RIGHT NOW. I’m just trying to see if we will have enough orders to actually place them. So if you are SERIOUSLY interested email me! The proofs will be up within a week! Get excited folks. Also don’t forget to check out the song of the week, Howlin For You by the amazing Black Keys.



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