PH Fashion

Fashion Friday Round Three: The Texas Way of Life

Oh, TEXAS HEAT. Not only does it make breathing and exhaustion worse but you can always count on your ankles puffing up too! Seriously, I think this is one of the number one things I hate about PH. I hate swollen ankles!! Just remember, you can tackle these things with lasix pills, compression socks and putting your feet up! Until then, you’ve got to get creative disguising them because lets face it…no one not even you want to see someones ankles exploding out of sandals.

Back to the word Texas. I was born and raised here and it’s definitely home. This big state comes with a big personality and we love what makes us Texans. We are the most identifiable state and the best. 😉 Continuing on, being the true Texan I am, I own ACTUAL cowboy boots! It cracks me up to walk into stores and see these makeshift “boots” that are supposed to look western when the mysterious material used to make them are as fake as your flea market purse. The Flea market is good for some things, but not your boots. True boots do not have diamonds, zebra and leopard but simplicity and durability to complete their purpose…stomping around in the Texas dirt. You want the true definition of shit kicker? Well hey, you came to the right place. The boot was designed obviously for farming and ranching purposes and now it’s transformed into style as well. When done tastefully, cowboy boots looks amazing! These are the pair of boots I already own and then I’ve shown you the ones I will be purchasing soon. My favorite brand? Chippewa, Tony Llama and Justin. If you want a more harsh ranching, ropin’ and riding style, go with a square-toed, saddle heal boot (My first pair). An easier kind to style is of course a pointed toe boot giving you the more girly edge (As seen below). Always go with a saddle heal! However, I’m sorry, I hate bling cowboy boots. Pointy toe does not give you permission to make those things look hideous.


Square toe boots should always be put with BOOT CUT jeans, and pointy toed can go with jeans and even dresses. And if you were considering shorts? Approach with caution folks, because boots and hoochie shorts might get ‘ya picked up and drove to the boulevard where they’re gonna think you belong. Its summer and if you’re dealing with heat and swollen ankles, crank out your inner Texan and find a pair of amazing boots and cover those babies up!!! These are a classic and timeless piece of fashion that should be in your closet no matter what. Where can you find them? Check out Cavenders Boot City or just travel to Texas in general. 😉 Happy Fashion Friday y’all!!!



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