Movie Monday: A Little Bit of Heaven.

So I’m doing a Movie Monday post because I was just moved at yet another diagnosis movie I discovered Friday night.

Scrolling through my Netflix suggestions out of pure desperation and boredom, a title actually caught my eye which is rare. I don’t how Netflix gathers data then actually suggests the movies it does for me because they are so far off it isn’t even funny y’all. Anyways, it had Kate Hudson on the cover and I’ve always loved her bubbly personality and on numerous occasions, have fantasized about having her out of control curly hair. The title was “A Little Bit of Heaven” and when I read the description I thought I would give it a try.


In the beginning it seemed like every other girly movie, until she finally makes a doctor appointment to find a reason for some weight loss and other bad symptoms. After tests are done, she’s given the news that she has colon cancer that’s almost untreatable. The whole movie is just her accepting her disease, planning for a funeral, dealing with family, love and trying to understand death. I’m surprised I remembered all the details with how much I spent the movie crying, but HEY! I do remember her doctor who happens to be ridiculously hot. Where in the hell is my hot doctor who I could fall in love with?! Just saying…

I think it’s great to run across movies about young people fighting diseases because it gives the world somewhat of a glimpse of what we fight with in real life. It’s no 50/50 but it was good. 3 out of 5 stars for me y’all. Check it outttttt.



One thought on “Movie Monday: A Little Bit of Heaven.

  1. First off, that is ALOT of Tags! LOL. I want to be positive because I’m passionate about movies and analizing them….but anything with Kate Hudson turns me off. Just find her unfunny and annoying. But to each his own. I am with you on being bored and scrolling the netflix recommendations though. I discovered a great english sitcom called “Coupling” from scrolling unfamiliar titles.

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