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Second Best? I Dont Think So.

 Live FreeLife has been super frustrating lately basically because I’ve been given many opportunities to just “settle”. With personal relationships, shopping, choosing friends…anything. And then I woke up and realized this is just life. Everyday we’re tempted with something that makes us think “Are we really worth having something better, or should I just take this cause something else may not come along?” Yea UM NO. You should never settle for any big decisions that are greatly going to impact your life. However, if Starbucks ran out of Raspberry flavoring, I think you’ll be fine settling for your second best favorite.

There will be bigger and better opportunities or this one could be it. But how do you know which is which? And that’s what I’ve been struggling with. When I was first diagnosed I was put on Revatio (viagra) three times daily. This was a very unsuccessful treatment and so my doctor decided on a harsher pill that would eventually give me liver problems. Seriously y’all, to even get another dose I would have to submit a liver exam and pregnancy test. Ridiculous. And not to mention expensive. My dad and I knew there had to be something else out there, so we traveled to a specialist about 9 hours away who then discovered an easier successful treatment for me. Great thing about it? I was reacting extremely well and it was such a simple pill. And I’m still reacting to it today so much in fact they had to take the dosage down. I didn’t settle for a hard-core treatment because this is my body and my money we’re talking about.

 Personal relationships are just as important. When it comes to friends, boyfriends and girlfriends you don’t have to take whatever is around. I have a couple really close friends and some amazing  co-workers. And I feel that’s all I really need. I didn’t settle for these friends, and I didn’t decide on their friendship cause there was nothing better to do. They’ve stuck around through thick and thin and see me for exactly what I am. And when it comes to boyfriends and girlfriends…OH MY. This is where you see people give in the most and when it comes to this category it can impact you the most. It’s very hard after a long time relationship and vicious breakup to fall for the most smooth talking guy. Yea, you need to evaluate the silver-tongued devil extremely carefully. I’ve come across many over a year of being single and I could’ve just given in and gotten hurt but instead I backed off and learned my lesson. Sure, it hurt to realize they were only players but it hurts much less than getting extremely involved. Take your time and see them for exactly what they are. Quoting Doris Day from Pillow Talk, “You can fight it, or you can give in and go to bed with it. I intend to fight it!”

Overall, when it comes to anything remotely important…lets say buying a car and up. Don’t settle. And when it comes to knowing  if it’s the real deal? Well in my opinion you’ll just know. There wont be any question, hesitation or red flags. And they shouldn’t be treating you as if you’re ordinary. It’s not worth it to settle, because you’ll have the pain and regret as well as the exhaustion from cleaning up the mess it made. Life isn’t about settling because that my friends, is not happiness.


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