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Home Made Physical Therapy. Sort Of.

Oh my y’all. I feel as though my right leg just might fall off today. The pain hasn’t been this bad in a long time!!

Lately in my right leg I’ve felt my usual weakness, tingling, numbness and ridiculously odd pain. This my friends is my femoral nerve damage that goes hand in hand with my first heart cath that was in my groin (leg). I had no idea that this was even a side effect/risk until months after the surgery when I told my doctor my leg felt a little “off”. When they decide to insert a catheter in your femoral artery, it just so happens that the femoral nerve sits right next to it. And many times doctors go right through both on accident. When nerves heal themselves, fibers have to reconnect and this can take years which means years of feeling “off”. Stairs are difficult (not for breathing anymore) but when I travel down them, my right leg loves to give out on me! And after standing on it a while I seriously feel like cutting it off. Lately its been worse than usual (I have no idea why) and I’m hoping I can be done with it soon! Do you think you have nerve damage? After some research and personal experience, here are some tips that will (hopefully) start to help your leg relax.


There isn’t much that you’ll receive from here. If its bad enough maybe they will order some tests to see if you have a block and it comes back with official nerve damage evidence. Just about all they can do is pain meds and physical therapy!


For the people who don’t feel like messing with all that hoopla, do the work at home by yourself. First of all, if its hurting always reach for your Tylenol. Remember, plain Tylenol with no caffeine or extra blood thinning medication so its safe! 😉 Second, the goal of having nerve damage is to keep that leg strong. When it feels weak and weird, we don’t want to move or mess with it. Too bad, you need to keep it strong. Honestly, when I was doing Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi (Body Flow) is when I noticed it less because I was working my legs so much but relaxing them too. Here is a move to help relax that leg/nerve! CAUTION: You know your limits. Do not do anything that will make your breathing, oxygen or blood pressure worse.


So in Yoga, this move is done to work and open the hip muscles. Why? Because we really don’t realize how tight we are and how good it is to stretch these muscles. Also a bonus, women carry a lot of stress in their hips so when you do these moves you’re releasing tension AND stress! Woohoo! Please be careful and don’t hurt yourself cause you’ll really not be doing your nerve damage any favors.

This picture is a perfect example of opening the hips. You should sit on the ground in a butterfly position. Indian style but with the bottoms of your feet together and held close to your body (to help the stretch). Then you can move your torso over your legs and lay flat against the ground and you will begin to feel a pull in your hips. This is good, but if its your first time doing this it can come on very strong! Don’t stress it or hurt yourself! With time you will eventually lay flatter with ease because your hips will be stretched. So not only is this good for you in general but should help with the nerve damage.


Well my loves, I hope this helps for now! If its bad enough you should always consult with a doctor. Good luck! 😉



1 thought on “Home Made Physical Therapy. Sort Of.”

  1. Been there with the groin pain from many heart caths. I finally started getting my caths through the right side of my neck. It is sooooooo much easier and virtually pain free (except for the numbing part!). I hope you don’t have very much bruising because that always seemed to add to the groin pain. The first time I had a heart cath in the hospital where I go to now, the surgical nurse didn’t put pressure on the groin site long enough. I was wheeled back to the recovery room & 10 minutes later noticed blood was pooled on the bed & under my butt! Yuck! I will not get a cath done in my groin again if I can help it. I hated lying in bed the rest of the day afterwards… 😉 Great post! Hang in there!

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