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Mind Over Matter.

So lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been going, going and going a little too much. And it’s reflecting in everything…my room, laundry, the blog and just everything in general! I took some time to slow down this weekend and I cant believe I actually enjoyed myself. Rocco and I quite literally sat on the couch all day and painted and watched just about every movie on Netflix we could think of. Well, that they’ll actually stream (and that’s very few).


I use my arm as a mixing palette and really it looks like a murder scene. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It just kind of put me back on the right track that we mentally really need those types of days where we do nothing and take a quite literal breather. With everything going a hundred miles an hour its like I can literally feel the oxygen in my lungs backing up. Before I know it I have a to-do list ten miles long and many people to get in contact with. And as much as all that IS important, my happiness is just as important. I’m not saying sit around the house for a week but definitely take some time to just clear your mind. I think once we start feeling better mentally and emotionally it will affect our health in a much more positive way. Life isn’t the most pleasant thing to deal with but we have a choice to make it much better than it is. The problem isn’t the problem in general, but the problem could be how you’re handling it. Mind over Matter.

Slow down y’all. Once you get yourself happier and more relaxed mentally and emotionally, I think physically it will all fall into place.

On a side note, there WILL be a fashion friday this week (woo-hoo!) and check out the new song of the week. Phoenix is beautiful and this is from their newest album!


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PH Health

Home Made Physical Therapy. Sort Of.

Oh my y’all. I feel as though my right leg just might fall off today. The pain hasn’t been this bad in a long time!!

Lately in my right leg I’ve felt my usual weakness, tingling, numbness and ridiculously odd pain. This my friends is my femoral nerve damage that goes hand in hand with my first heart cath that was in my groin (leg). I had no idea that this was even a side effect/risk until months after the surgery when I told my doctor my leg felt a little “off”. When they decide to insert a catheter in your femoral artery, it just so happens that the femoral nerve sits right next to it. And many times doctors go right through both on accident. When nerves heal themselves, fibers have to reconnect and this can take years which means years of feeling “off”. Stairs are difficult (not for breathing anymore) but when I travel down them, my right leg loves to give out on me! And after standing on it a while I seriously feel like cutting it off. Lately its been worse than usual (I have no idea why) and I’m hoping I can be done with it soon! Do you think you have nerve damage? After some research and personal experience, here are some tips that will (hopefully) start to help your leg relax.


There isn’t much that you’ll receive from here. If its bad enough maybe they will order some tests to see if you have a block and it comes back with official nerve damage evidence. Just about all they can do is pain meds and physical therapy!


For the people who don’t feel like messing with all that hoopla, do the work at home by yourself. First of all, if its hurting always reach for your Tylenol. Remember, plain Tylenol with no caffeine or extra blood thinning medication so its safe! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Second, the goal of having nerve damage is to keep that leg strong. When it feels weak and weird, we don’t want to move or mess with it. Too bad, you need to keep it strong. Honestly, when I was doing Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi (Body Flow) is when I noticed it less because I was working my legs so much but relaxing them too. Here is a move to help relax that leg/nerve! CAUTION: You know your limits. Do not do anything that will make your breathing, oxygen or blood pressure worse.


So in Yoga, this move is done to work and open the hip muscles. Why? Because we really don’t realize how tight we are and how good it is to stretch these muscles. Also a bonus, women carry a lot of stress in their hips so when you do these moves you’re releasing tension AND stress! Woohoo! Please be careful and don’t hurt yourself cause you’ll really not be doing your nerve damage any favors.

This picture is a perfect example of opening the hips. You should sit on the ground in a butterfly position. Indian style but with the bottoms of your feet together and held close to your body (to help the stretch). Then you can move your torso over your legs and lay flat against the ground and you will begin to feel a pull in your hips. This is good, but if its your first time doing this it can come on very strong! Don’t stress it or hurt yourself! With time you will eventually lay flatter with ease because your hips will be stretched. So not only is this good for you in general but should help with the nerve damage.


Well my loves, I hope this helps for now! If its bad enough you should always consult with a doctor. Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Life With PH

Awareness Raising.

Hello loves! I’m sorry its been forever and a day, but I’ve finally been able to put aside some time to write. Life has been fabulously busy!

I spoke to a local elementary school last week about PH and was blown away at how well they comprehended it! I provided a good deal of visuals because lets face it, Pulmonary Hypertension and all the tricky little details are a bit too much for elementary kids. Explaining this crazy disease to them had me a little worried because as I talked about how I couldn’t breathe at their age, I could see the their little faces start to worry. So then not only are you explaining the disease but explaining that they don’t need to freak out. Except I was that one kid that DID have PH. Bottom line, I got my point across, they had a great time learning about this disease and I was amazed at how well they were able to grasp it. I’m speaking to my 5th graders in a week or so and overall I’m just very excited at the idea of getting use to these kind of presentations!


Stay tuned later this week for more posts on my physical activity as well as some side effects I’m dealing with when it comes to heart caths that you may need a solution to too! Thank y’all so much for the support, it means everything in the world that you are sharing and reading! Keep it up and keep reading for details on shirts!! ๐Ÿ™‚