Survivor Sunday

Survivor Sunday: Shaye Meyers

I am currently in bed, drinking coffee and trapped in a blizzard. Its Texas and you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to the weather. My apologies go out since this Survivor Sunday is a tad late! Want your story heard? Email me at

Texas Snow

Diagnosed with extreme anxiety, Shaye Meyers continued to suffer through chest pains, fainting and dizziness because doctors could not see past her age and the fact that she was just ten, nothing could ever be seriously wrong. Shaye was still attending school throughout all of these symptoms and was expected to keep up just like anyone else, until February 19th 2010 when she hurt her back in gym class. After seeing a pediatrician they learned that Shaye fractured her back and rushed her to the ER which would ultimately open a new door for doctors to finally look through. (About time, Miss Shaye.) A fractured back was serious which required a full workup of how her body was doing. When the doctor finally put his stethoscope to her chest, he heard what everyone had been ignoring for years. Learning that she had no cardiac-workup history, he began a full rundown with a Cardiologist at his side. Echo-cardiograms, EKG’s and numerous tests later they finally diagnosed this ten year old with Pulmonary Hypertension. Shaye began her treatment orally with Tracleer and even Revatio (Viagra) which failed to kick in and ease her body into recovery. Their last option? IV Remodulin which was inserted into her chest where she could have life-sustaining medication being pumped directly into her heart 24/7. Oxygen was also necessary at night to help her heart somewhat relax.


Two years later this is still her treatment with no decline in pressures. Of course being twelve years old and struggling with something that even adults find it difficult dealing with, Shaye battles this disease mentally as well. She began Physical Therapy to help regain muscle strength and still dreams of playing soccer or even being a gymnast. Since IV Remodulin has a tube that comes out of her chest, you would think that things like swimming would be out of the question! But she found a dry suit to help protect her tubes so she can still manage to participate in activities like this. I’ve even seen her video of her sliding into the ocean in Puerto Rico! (JEALOUS!). This twelve year old is determined to help promote the awareness of her disease and created two different Facebook pages (which I encourage all of you to check out) phkids4acure and Smiles for Shaye. Wow girly…just WOW!

Shaye, I cannot express how long it took for me to even acknowledge the mental side to this disease at eighteen years old. The fact that you have been doing this since you were ten is astonishing. Just remember, you are not a disease…you are still Shaye. Don’t let PH take anything else from you including your happiness. Take complete and utter control of it mentally as well as physically and begin to conquer it in the simplest of ways daily. I believe a successful recovery is on its way and start believing that for yourself. You are absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to meet you and your family in November. šŸ™‚ Thank you for being a part of my blog.



2 thoughts on “Survivor Sunday: Shaye Meyers”

  1. Haley, just beautiful. You are a beautful person and so full of life. Such an inspiration to Shaye. Thank you for sharing Shayes story and connecting with us.
    Teresa Meyers ( mom to Shaye).

  2. Shaye is my hero and her mom my other hero! My little girl is 8 with PH so I have no idea how she is so happy and smiling pulling her O2! We meet them in June and I definitely got the inspiration and hope I needed!!!!! I wish you the best and we will be in Texas in November as well!!!! šŸ™‚

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