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Heart Healthy Week: Fashion Friday

So of course I’m finishing off with a Fashion Friday because fashion can make a huge difference with how we feel. I’m centering this look on a date night and this doesn’t necessarily mean with a guy but maybe even a girls night out.

THE Dress

I am so obsessed with finding THE dress for any occasion. The one that knocks not only yours but everyone’s socks off and you just feel damn fine all night. I think the more simple you keep it the more stunning you will be! I found this beauty on Modcloth and I think it possesses such an innocent quality about it and fits in perfectly with a Valentine occasion/outing. The color is perfect with the theme and the flower lace adds a playful touch as well as that deep neckline to keep things interesting.

Valentine Dress

THE Shoes

Now with a dress like this we want our legs to appear longer and leaner and by doing that we need HEELS of course! With Steve Madden you can never lose. So I chose a nude heel to keep all the color simple and nude heels are very in right now. Your thinking, “That heel looks ridiculously tall.”  That’s called comfort quite honestly. When you have a ridiculous platform under the ball of your foot (the front) it’s a better cushion and comfort rather than having your foot planted directly against the ground. A big platform will be easier and more comfortable to walk in! FACT.



Remember, lets keep it simple and accessorize with some awesome drop crystal earrings and a great bling ring. And your outfit is fantastic.


Have fun this weekend whether you’ll be out celebrating, on a date or in your PJ’s at the house. I hope you have had/learned a few things to keep your heart healthy. Lets review

-Fantastic movies

-Traveling and keeping your soul refreshed

-Sticking with your beliefs and morals/Loving one another

-Being involved with the RIGHT person

-ALWAYS looking your best. 😉

Love you guys. That’s all.



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