Life With PH

Heart Healthy Week: Worship Wednesday

Oh yes, I’m going to talk about my personal beliefs. Whatever you believe is perfectly fine with me, but its my blog so I’m talking about my beliefs real quick! Don’t like it? Don’t read it.


I know a lot of us have different views and forever I struggled with church, religion and all that spiritual mess and still do in certain ways. I guess it was last year around this time things really fell apart for me and my lovely best friend (Candice) grabbed my phone and downloaded the You Version Bible app. It was very whatever to me, but I realized they did verse of the day which kind of interested me. Little by little I began to read different verses and look up things to get me through that awful time. Before I knew it I was reading messages, I had bookmarked over a hundred verses and for myself I started to discover what I should’ve been doing with my life all along. Which led me here. 🙂 Anyways, after actually reading the Bible I started going to church and listening to actual messages, participating in worship (that’s a miracle in itself) and I don’t have it all together but I’ve realized how amazingly far the Bible got me. Not even kidding. Its sounds very clichĂ© but check You Version out and it becomes very easy to read. One of the first verses that came up on my screen was Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.” It blew my mind away and I immediately erased a love letter from my ex on my whiteboard and scribbled this verse on there instead. And I’m sitting here looking at it still.

Bottom line, I believe that God created me and is slowly highlighting and showing what I can do and how strong I actually am. Do I believe he gave me some rare awful disease? Um, no. Pulmonary Hypertension is merely a flaw in my earthly body that he promised there might be. I’m sure he was just as hurt when he knew of my disease but he is with me everyday to help push me forward and heal me. And what do ya know? Doctors call me a miracle patient. Evil is not in God’s plan but love and prosperity. Evil is in the devil’s plan. I don’t expect y’all to become believers after this post, believe what you want to believe. Stay strong in your core values. Whatever you believe in I hope it is resetting your mind and encouraging you to stay strong, positive and loving towards one another because after all that is what we should be believing in.



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