Life With PH

Heart Healthy Week: Travel Tuesday

So, I was born and raised in Texas and my family has never been one to travel much. I’ve been to New Mexico and Colorado, the end. But of course I’m starting to realize how healthy it is to travel and what it amazing feeling it gives us. It is soul cleansing and refreshing. Having Pulmonary Hypertension definitely limits where we can go due to traveling without doctor permission or going into too high of altitude. I was raised going to the mountains every summer and I’m not condoning doing things anyway (you definitely have to be careful) but I still go to the mountains in 10,000 elevation. HOWEVER, I don’t feel like I’m dying when I get up there. I very rarely have symptoms but that doesn’t mean I don’t prepare! I always take oxygen, blood pressure monitors and oxygen saturation monitors. But back to the point…


Traveling is like putting your soul and sense of mind on reset. Set a destination at least two times a year with your loved ones and make yourself not feel trapped inside your town or body. Do not let your physical body keep you captive. Be careful and be prepared but don’t let that hold you back from feeling alive.



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