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Heart Healthy Week: Movie Monday

Too Much Love

Hello my loves! So welcome to Heart Healthy Week, not really focusing on being heart healthy physically but more heart healthy in a mental, emotional and spiritual way to make sure you FEEL great just in time for Valentines day. So get ready for a new post everyday Monday through Friday! PS This sketch of the heart I did MIGHT be put on a shirt as well. Stay tuned.


Looking for some feel good movies to watch with your love, friend or even cat? Well I just happen to have some lovely purrrrfect suggestions. šŸ˜‰

It’s very hard for other people to comprehend what a diagnosed person goes through mentally, physically and emotionally. We can’t really explain or make other people understand our emotional roller coaster and when a significant other gets involved it evolves into a sticky situation. They see us on our off days, they hear about appointments (some are even at appointments), surgeries, bad news, good news…This disease becomes a part of THEIR life and in a way we feel as if we put weight or a burden on their back. Some don’t want us to feel that way at all and actually accept what you have, almost in a way taking it on as their own disease to fight. You should most definitely keep that person in your life. Others crack under this heavy diagnosis and show us in the most off, horrible ways that they can’t handle it. I learned my lesson the hard way and the first chance you get you should RUN from that person. Bottom line, we aren’t the burden. Their sorry sucky attitude can’t step up to something that requires to be a much stronger person than most. ANYWAYS.Here are some fantastically romantic movies that are absolutely perfect to cuddle up on the couch with that actually revolve around people being diagnosed, what they go through and how bad yet fantastic things can get. These are valentine hits.

Love & Other Drugs


This is the first movie I saw about someone being diagnosed, and her dealing with a relationship and trying to be strong through it. I loved it, cried in the movie theater and every time I’ve watched it since. Certain dialogue as well as situations are completely relatable to anyone struggling with ANY disease. Wow. However, it doesn’t keep your heart heavy the whole time. There are comedic situations and prepare yourself for nudity….like a lot. But yes, 5 stars in my book and perfectly romantic for this time of year. šŸ™‚



First off, JOSEPH GORDON- LEVITT. Oh my. Anyways, this is a perfect representation of how I acted/felt when I was diagnosed and this movie is BEYOND perfect. It puts such a light-hearted spin on such a serious, real life situation that doesn’t sugar coat anything. Such great acting, actors and such a REAL portray of what its like to be diagnosed. I cry every time. EVERYTIME. This is a fantastic movie and purrrfectly romantic as well. šŸ™‚



This has/always will be my favorite movie. It’s how I felt in high school (being an outsider) and I even have the vinyl. This movie came out when I was a junior and was sixteen so I ultimately put myself in Juno’s shoes seeing things in a teen point of view. After being diagnosed a couple of years later, I popped in this movie for the first time in a while and had the most overwhelming experience. I was now seeing this in Vanessa’s (the older woman) point a view, an older person who could not get pregnant and was having to adopt, dealing with wanting to be a mom so badly and watching someone else grow their baby physically. And now I cry every time, because I’ve seen this movie through two different perspectives adding even more emotion and reality to this romantically real comedy. Its perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this movie monday and now you have perfect romantic movies to watch all week with whoever your loves may be!



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