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Survivor Sunday: Shaye Meyers

I am currently in bed, drinking coffee and trapped in a blizzard. Its Texas and you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to the weather. My apologies go out since this Survivor Sunday is a tad late! Want your story heard? Email me at

Texas Snow

Diagnosed with extreme anxiety, Shaye Meyers continued to suffer through chest pains, fainting and dizziness because doctors could not see past her age and the fact that she was just ten, nothing could ever be seriously wrong. Shaye was still attending school throughout all of these symptoms and was expected to keep up just like anyone else, until February 19th 2010 when she hurt her back in gym class. After seeing a pediatrician they learned that Shaye fractured her back and rushed her to the ER which would ultimately open a new door for doctors to finally look through. (About time, Miss Shaye.) A fractured back was serious which required a full workup of how her body was doing. When the doctor finally put his stethoscope to her chest, he heard what everyone had been ignoring for years. Learning that she had no cardiac-workup history, he began a full rundown with a Cardiologist at his side. Echo-cardiograms, EKG’s and numerous tests later they finally diagnosed this ten year old with Pulmonary Hypertension. Shaye began her treatment orally with Tracleer and even Revatio (Viagra) which failed to kick in and ease her body into recovery. Their last option? IV Remodulin which was inserted into her chest where she could have life-sustaining medication being pumped directly into her heart 24/7. Oxygen was also necessary at night to help her heart somewhat relax.


Two years later this is still her treatment with no decline in pressures. Of course being twelve years old and struggling with something that even adults find it difficult dealing with, Shaye battles this disease mentally as well. She began Physical Therapy to help regain muscle strength and still dreams of playing soccer or even being a gymnast. Since IV Remodulin has a tube that comes out of her chest, you would think that things like swimming would be out of the question! But she found a dry suit to help protect her tubes so she can still manage to participate in activities like this. I’ve even seen her video of her sliding into the ocean in Puerto Rico! (JEALOUS!). This twelve year old is determined to help promote the awareness of her disease and created two different Facebook pages (which I encourage all of you to check out) phkids4acure and Smiles for Shaye. Wow girly…just WOW!

Shaye, I cannot express how long it took for me to even acknowledge the mental side to this disease at eighteen years old. The fact that you have been doing this since you were ten is astonishing. Just remember, you are not a disease…you are still Shaye. Don’t let PH take anything else from you including your happiness. Take complete and utter control of it mentally as well as physically and begin to conquer it in the simplest of ways daily. I believe a successful recovery is on its way and start believing that for yourself. You are absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to meet you and your family in November. πŸ™‚ Thank you for being a part of my blog.


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Obsessions: Round Two

So, for a non-serious post today I’ll be talking about my most recent obsessions. I need some happiness right now. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

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So I’ve been listening to this band for a while now and for some reason I’ve just recently noticed the amazing song “Strings.” Such a happy and uplifting piece and absolutely beautiful which is why it made Song of the Week. I highly recommend this band if you haven’t already indulged in their magnificent noise.



I’m totally the girly girl who thinks putting these on once a week makes me feel pampered and better. And it should do that for everyone in my opinion! It’s just a natural feeling like when we go to the salon or a spa, we get that same pampered feeling. I buy these little beauties at either ulta or walmart and I love them! The clay and peel off are fabulous and I’m actually wearing this mask while I type. I suggest trying some out and letting your face feel good once every couple of weeks.



I’m so utterly obsessed with the idea of getting a new tattoo, and in fact it’s happening the second week in March! I think tattoos are an excellent way to display what you find beautiful on what is already beautiful and highly valued. I understand we don’t all feel that way, but when done correctly I think tattoos can be gorgeous.



I’ve been traveling here since I was literally a month old. This state means so much to me because it possesses not only amazing beauty and history but a lot of family memories. I feel closer to God when I’m in the mountains and I feel a sense of peace that I still have yet to find anywhere else. I travel here every summer and Candice and I are heading up for spring break. I also grew up with Native American culture and this happens to be spread all over the state. Bottom line, absolute beauty.



Ooooo y’all, I could drop so much money on this makeup brand. I LOVE their eye shadows, eye liners, makeup sprays, primers…you name it. I use my naked palette everyday (my favorite shade is Sin) and just yesterday I bought an eyeshadow named Midnight Rodeo. People who live near me know why that’s funny. Anyways, I love urban decay. And you should too.

Midnight Rodeo


I’m just obsessed right now with being carefree and happy. Recently I’ve just woken up and realized, I’m young and I don’t care about the negativity, the day-to-day crap and what the people I could care less about think about me. It’s the first time in my life where I just feel content. On my own. Happiness is a choice people, so you need to make a decision.

Lady Day

And that’s all for now, folks.


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Heart Healthy Week: Fashion Friday

So of course I’m finishing off with a Fashion Friday because fashion can make a huge difference with how we feel. I’m centering this look on a date night and this doesn’t necessarily mean with a guy but maybe even a girls night out.

THE Dress

I am so obsessed with finding THE dress for any occasion. The one that knocks not only yours but everyone’s socks off and you just feel damn fine all night. I think the more simple you keep it the more stunning you will be! I found this beauty on Modcloth and I think it possesses such an innocent quality about it and fits in perfectly with a Valentine occasion/outing. The color is perfect with the theme and the flower lace adds a playful touch as well as that deep neckline to keep things interesting.

Valentine Dress

THE Shoes

Now with a dress like this we want our legs to appear longer and leaner and by doing that we need HEELS of course! With Steve Madden you can never lose. So I chose a nude heel to keep all the color simple and nude heels are very in right now. Your thinking, “That heel looks ridiculously tall.”Β  That’s called comfort quite honestly. When you have a ridiculous platform under the ball of your foot (the front) it’s a better cushion and comfort rather than having your foot planted directly against the ground. A big platform will be easier and more comfortable to walk in! FACT.



Remember, lets keep it simple and accessorize with some awesome drop crystal earrings and a great bling ring. And your outfit is fantastic.


Have fun this weekend whether you’ll be out celebrating, on a date or in your PJ’s at the house. I hope you have had/learned a few things to keep your heart healthy. Lets review

-Fantastic movies

-Traveling and keeping your soul refreshed

-Sticking with your beliefs and morals/Loving one another

-Being involved with the RIGHT person

-ALWAYS looking your best. πŸ˜‰

Love you guys. That’s all.


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Heart Healthy Week: Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day my loves!

You Are Loved

Oh yes this lovely day is finally here. Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or chillin’ by yourself you should be enjoying it. Candice and I have agreed to celebrate together and have some best friend time because I believe that Valentines are not just for the couples and romantics but to celebrate and let the ones in your life know you care about them. So do not feel down or bad about this day, it is a LOVELY day. πŸ™‚

Oh singleness. It really isn’t that big of a deal in my eyes because I’d rather be happy with my cutie of a cat, Rocco than mixed up with someone who does nothing positive for me. And I encourage you to do the same because no amount of roses and chocolates can make up for a bad relationship. I do not understand how people “just date” and don’t take it seriously. We are putting our heart, feelings and personal selves out there and letting just anyone take it? I don’t think so. And when you have something heavy like a diagnosis, it can really throw a wrench into the system. I dated someone for three years who I thought was picture perfect and it was for a while. We were both 18 when I was diagnosed and things forever changed. He “dealt” with it and you could tell it was a heavy burden. After a breakup we decided to give it another try convincing ourselves that there was a reason we kept coming back to each other. This time things went smoothly until a little over a year later. I began to struggle with this mental part of the disease, work and school and he was not a person of support to say the least. He could not handle what my body permanently is, what I will be dealing with and refused to acknowledge that there is even a mental struggle. And a couple of days after Valentines, he ripped my heart out and moved on.

THANK GOD for that! It sucked for a very long time then I realized how great I actually am. I’ve discovered what I’m capable of and I don’t feel like I have to hold a part of myself back. I don’t have someone around constantly making me feel as it I’m not enough and bashing everything I love. I’m surrounded by such new amazing people who truly love and care about me and its a fantastic feeling. I don’t really care where he is or what he’s doing and it feels so fantastic not to feel…or care. My daily life is no longer an emotional landmine.

Bottom line, don’t trick yourself into thinking they accept you, love you and they’re THE one. Step back, take a breath and evaluate the red flags no matter how hard that may be. Save yourself before it’s too late. Emotional hurt is a pain that isn’t easy to heal and if you’re with your loved one appreciate and do for them as much as they do for you. It’s about giving and loving rather than taking. Always tell the truth, always be supportive and guard your heart. Most of all, just LOVE. That’s all.


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Heart Healthy Week: Worship Wednesday

Oh yes, I’m going to talk about my personal beliefs. Whatever you believe is perfectly fine with me, but its my blog so I’m talking about my beliefs real quick! Don’t like it? Don’t read it.


I know a lot of us have different views and forever I struggled with church, religion and all that spiritual mess and still do in certain ways. I guess it was last year around this time things really fell apart for me and my lovely best friend (Candice) grabbed my phone and downloaded the You Version Bible app. It was very whatever to me, but I realized they did verse of the day which kind of interested me. Little by little I began to read different verses and look up things to get me through that awful time. Before I knew it I was reading messages, I had bookmarked over a hundred verses and for myself I started to discover what I should’ve been doing with my life all along. Which led me here. πŸ™‚ Anyways, after actually reading the Bible I started going to church and listening to actual messages, participating in worship (that’s a miracle in itself) and I don’t have it all together but I’ve realized how amazingly far the Bible got me. Not even kidding. Its sounds very clichΓ© but check You Version out and it becomes very easy to read. One of the first verses that came up on my screen was Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.” It blew my mind away and I immediately erased a love letter from my ex on my whiteboard and scribbled this verse on there instead. And I’m sitting here looking at it still.

Bottom line, I believe that God created me and is slowly highlighting and showing what I can do and how strong I actually am. Do I believe he gave me some rare awful disease? Um, no. Pulmonary Hypertension is merely a flaw in my earthly body that he promised there might be. I’m sure he was just as hurt when he knew of my disease but he is with me everyday to help push me forward and heal me. And what do ya know? Doctors call me a miracle patient. Evil is not in God’s plan but love and prosperity. Evil is in the devil’s plan. I don’t expect y’all to become believers after this post, believe what you want to believe. Stay strong in your core values. Whatever you believe in I hope it is resetting your mind and encouraging you to stay strong, positive and loving towards one another because after all that is what we should be believing in.


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Heart Healthy Week: Travel Tuesday

So, I was born and raised in Texas and my family has never been one to travel much. I’ve been to New Mexico and Colorado, the end. But of course I’m starting to realize how healthy it is to travel and what it amazing feeling it gives us. It is soul cleansing and refreshing. Having Pulmonary Hypertension definitely limits where we can go due to traveling without doctor permission or going into too high of altitude. I was raised going to the mountains every summer and I’m not condoning doing things anyway (you definitely have to be careful) but I still go to the mountains in 10,000 elevation. HOWEVER, I don’t feel like I’m dying when I get up there. I very rarely have symptoms but that doesn’t mean I don’t prepare! I always take oxygen, blood pressure monitors and oxygen saturation monitors. But back to the point…


Traveling is like putting your soul and sense of mind on reset. Set a destination at least two times a year with your loved ones and make yourself not feel trapped inside your town or body. Do not let your physical body keep you captive. Be careful and be prepared but don’t let that hold you back from feeling alive.


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Heart Healthy Week: Movie Monday

Too Much Love

Hello my loves! So welcome to Heart Healthy Week, not really focusing on being heart healthy physically but more heart healthy in a mental, emotional and spiritual way to make sure you FEEL great just in time for Valentines day. So get ready for a new post everyday Monday through Friday! PS This sketch of the heart I did MIGHT be put on a shirt as well. Stay tuned.


Looking for some feel good movies to watch with your love, friend or even cat? Well I just happen to have some lovely purrrrfect suggestions. πŸ˜‰

It’s very hard for other people to comprehend what a diagnosed person goes through mentally, physically and emotionally. We can’t really explain or make other people understand our emotional roller coaster and when a significant other gets involved it evolves into a sticky situation. They see us on our off days, they hear about appointments (some are even at appointments), surgeries, bad news, good news…This disease becomes a part of THEIR life and in a way we feel as if we put weight or a burden on their back. Some don’t want us to feel that way at all and actually accept what you have, almost in a way taking it on as their own disease to fight. You should most definitely keep that person in your life. Others crack under this heavy diagnosis and show us in the most off, horrible ways that they can’t handle it. I learned my lesson the hard way and the first chance you get you should RUN from that person. Bottom line, we aren’t the burden. Their sorry sucky attitude can’t step up to something that requires to be a much stronger person than most. ANYWAYS.Here are some fantastically romantic movies that are absolutely perfect to cuddle up on the couch with that actually revolve around people being diagnosed, what they go through and how bad yet fantastic things can get. These are valentine hits.

Love & Other Drugs


This is the first movie I saw about someone being diagnosed, and her dealing with a relationship and trying to be strong through it. I loved it, cried in the movie theater and every time I’ve watched it since. Certain dialogue as well as situations are completely relatable to anyone struggling with ANY disease. Wow. However, it doesn’t keep your heart heavy the whole time. There are comedic situations and prepare yourself for nudity….like a lot. But yes, 5 stars in my book and perfectly romantic for this time of year. πŸ™‚



First off, JOSEPH GORDON- LEVITT. Oh my. Anyways, this is a perfect representation of how I acted/felt when I was diagnosed and this movie is BEYOND perfect. It puts such a light-hearted spin on such a serious, real life situation that doesn’t sugar coat anything. Such great acting, actors and such a REAL portray of what its like to be diagnosed. I cry every time. EVERYTIME. This is a fantastic movie and purrrfectly romantic as well. πŸ™‚



This has/always will be my favorite movie. It’s how I felt in high school (being an outsider) and I even have the vinyl. This movie came out when I was a junior and was sixteen so I ultimately put myself in Juno’s shoes seeing things in a teen point of view. After being diagnosed a couple of years later, I popped in this movie for the first time in a while and had the most overwhelming experience. I was now seeing this in Vanessa’s (the older woman) point a view, an older person who could not get pregnant and was having to adopt, dealing with wanting to be a mom so badly and watching someone else grow their baby physically. And now I cry every time, because I’ve seen this movie through two different perspectives adding even more emotion and reality to this romantically real comedy. Its perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this movie monday and now you have perfect romantic movies to watch all week with whoever your loves may be!


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I Am Alive.

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been taking a small break from blogging but I’m starting up tomorrow with an actual post. I’m working on A LOT of PH projects right now that are requiring some immediate attention so I’ll be in and out. But I am alive and doing well! I just encourage y’all to take things slow and enjoy life, it gets to be too much when we get caught up in negativity. I am excited to post tomorrow but today is my day of official rest (and watching the Grammy’s) so y’all enjoy and get ready for tomorrow! Don’t forget, if you want to be the next person featured on Survivor Sunday then submit your story to me to be entered into the drawing, having the chance to be picked and your story (like Sarah’s) will be shared on the blog. Submissions must be sent to

Enjoy the new song of the week by the Lumineers, its perfectly romantic for this week. πŸ™‚

Take Your Time

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