Survivor Sunday

Survivor Sunday: Sarah Lowery

Finally, our first Survivor Sunday is here!! I’m so excited to write about this lovely young lady and her journey with this terminal disease. We are PHighters together and proud of it. Want your story heard? Email me by February 20th so you can be randomly chosen at

Being diagnosed at Eighteen months old was the easiest part for Sarah and her family after spending what seemed like hopeless amount of never-ending months of trying to figure out what exactly could be causing such problems with their baby girl. They had traveled not only all over our country, but even the world to seek out an invisible disease that no one could quite pin point. Doctors wanted custody of Sarah to perform round the clock tests and even her mother was accused of causing problems. Finally, when they identified PH as her actual issue they were given the news that she wouldn’t live past five because lets face it people, back in these times they didn’t have many treatment options. However Sarah soon got past five and embraced a whole new journey of home schooling, medications and even being put on the transplant list…more than once.


Sarah however has done remarkably well without a transplant and is on a successful treatment that consists of Digoxin ,Lasix, baby aspirin, Enalapril and Singulair. Despite her current symptoms (Shortness of breath, chest pains, exhaustion and easily getting sick…I can totally understand you girl!) she has dealt with her fair share of “non believers” and having no support, but is now completely surrounded with wonderful people who provide nothing BUT support. Not being able to have children is a daily struggle and trying to understand why our bodies cant be strong enough for such a wonderful thing. Sarah, we will both get past that. I can completely side with you on this issue and I love you so much because I understand that hurt! Anyways, here we are at a much lower right ventricle pressure in the late twenties (it use to be in the 90’s) and many years later. Not only has God but her bubbly personality pushed her all the way into a wonderful recovery despite what doctors may have thought. She’ll be dead by five years old? No I don’t think so, because I’m writing about a wonderful twenty-four year old who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So happy to share with you a fellow PHighter, Miss Sarah Lowery. You are beautiful, strong and have been through SO much more on your PH journey than I have. Keep PHighting love, YOU are PHabulous!!! 😉



1 thought on “Survivor Sunday: Sarah Lowery”

  1. I too am diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. I was diagnosed at birth with this disease along with many other health problems. I’m currently taking the medication called Tracleer which is for Pulmonary Hypertension. I’m happy for Sarah that she is doing so well. I hope she continues to live a quality life despite any medical challenges she have. =o) Life should be lived to the fullest of anyone’s capabilities!

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