Fashion Friday: Surgery Sophistication

So, this is going up on a Saturday because I didn’t have access to my computer yesterday. But hey, I guess it’s just fashionably late. 😉

So while in the hospital, my best friend Candice kept teasing me with how I arrived and departed because I was all sorts of dressed up and she was expecting sweats and a tee. I am a strong believer in that even though I’m going for surgery, I will not be showing up in my pajamas. I will still look like I took my time getting ready that morning. I’m not saying I’m showing up in stilettos but I will be looking put together. But we also need to accommodate to our body and how we will be feeling when we leave. So here is a little guide on what maybe you should show up in for your next procedure or heart cath.


So obviously we want something comfortable but not ridiculously lazy. Thank goodness we live in a society that produces cute sweatshirts and things like that where fashion is becoming more centered on comfortable. For a heart cath in the neck, it’ll be a little hard maneuvering things as well as turning your head. You will be sore! So in this case I went with a chunky knit, loose sweater that will hang on you. Its going to keep you comfortable, because it is not constricting and it lays lower on the neck so it wont be in the way of your surgical spot. And lets not forget about the print on the front making you ultimately cute yet comfortable. Seriously, people think you’re just crazy for looking so cute in the hospital when it’s really not that hard!


Available at Forever 21


So I would go with Yoga pants cause those are an all time comfort, but then we would just look grungy. Fight that urge off! So for bottoms, these are super crucial if you’re having a heart cath in your groin/leg because you need to be very careful when it comes to getting into these and out to avoid bursting your artery. So for this I chose my favorite most comfortable jeans from American Eagle. Now wait, you hear jeans and we automatically think tight and constricting. I’m not saying go buy your hoochie, low-cut size denial jeans. These jeans are boyfriend cut, and are made to be just a tad bigger than normal jeans. They are comfortable especially after a couple of wears. Throw them on, let them be baggy and don’t worry about it.

Boyfriend Jeans


Flats flats flats!! Cute and comfortable is what we are going for, so pass up on the sneakers (you’ll just have to bend over and tie those annoying strings and you can’t bend over anyways) and pass up on those old sandals you throw on. Instead go for a cute, sophisticated flat that is comfortable and you can merely cram your foot into it without thinking about it. Of course I went for a pointy toe to keep it skinny, and look at those cute hearts!! This is perfect and gives us that little pop of color. This is the definition of looking cute without trying. The clothes are doing all the talking!

Heart Flats

Available at Forever 21


Oh this doctor bag is just amazing! You need an amazing bag anywhere you go, and especially here. You’ll be given tons of paperwork and things like so that you can stuff into it. A great bag is always necessary, end of story. As for other accessories (necklaces, rings, etc…) leave those at HOME! This is surgery, and you will have to take them off. They just aren’t worth wearing this day.

Doctor Bag

Available at Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed it ladies! You should always be looking your best. Just because we’re required to be at the hospital a little more than usual does not give us an excuse to grunge out. You are fabulous, so look fabulous!



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