Life With PH

Survivor Sunday

Seriously guys, you have no idea what joy it brings me to meet and talk to other people with this disease. I love hearing your stories, where you’re from, what you’re up to and what you and I are struggling with. So its brought me to a new thought and something to add to the blog.

I’m going to start introducing “Survivor Sunday” which will be the last Sunday of every month. I want this post to be about another person other than me that is dealing with this disease or maybe a family member who wants to share a story. I am so excited to read about y’all! Do you want your story to be heard? Email me at     I want to hear what age you were diagnosed, your treatment plan, what you struggle with the most about PH and things like so. But I also want to hear about YOU!!! Hobbies, interest whatever you feel like sharing with people. However, I will keep your privacy. Absolutely no last names or emails will be released. If you want to submit a picture you may. I am so excited to read through these to decide who will be posted on Sunday, January 27th. Get your story in before then for a chance to be heard! 🙂 The “survivor” will be randomly chosen.

Thank y’all so much for the support. The T-shirt situation is still under construction, but as soon as we have it figured out, the blog will be the first to know. Keep reading! Y’all are much appreciated!



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