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Heart Cath Survival Guide

Good lord y’all! It has taken me a while to bounce back from my heart cath and hopefully I’ll be good to go for work tomorrow. It got me thinking that usually some people have no idea what they’re getting into with a heart catheterization or it’s been so long since you’ve had one that you forget whats going to be important that week. PH patients have one to not only officially diagnose the disease but they also have one every two years to check on the heart, measure pressures and check your treatment progress. Always figure out what KIND of heart cath you are having whether it’s in the groin, neck or arm. Since I’ve never had one in my arm I’ll be basing my methods off of a groin and neck catheterization. GET READY.


This just makes me hurt. When they go in through your groin, prepare to be exposed. You will be laying completely flat for six hours after the surgery and you wont be getting around for a few days. You need to be ultimately comfy because you wont feel much during the surgery, but you will be sore after accompanied with much bruising. Also prepare for some nerve damage which I am dealing with from my first heart cath almost 3 years ago. So lets start this list.

Fuzzy Socks – These are a necessity for both. You may not get to wear them in surgery, but once you get to take your awful surgery socks off you can slip your comfy ones on and stay warm. You will need these because you’ll be cold!!!! Comfort Food – When you finally get to eat make sure your family/friends are prepared and have comfort food on the way or picked up when you’re released. For me this would be Chinese, mashed potatoes and maybe even broccoli and cheese soup. 🙂 Heated Blanket – That is the key to comfy. End of story. Favorite Show – Prepare to veg out in front of the TV, become a Netflix zombie and watch your favorite show for a week straight. You wont be getting around much!! Pain Meds – Don’t forget these beauties!! They are fantastic. 😉


This one makes me hurt too! However its quick, you wont be as exposed and you leave about 30 minutes after. There has to be a catch?! Oh yes!! There will be a local to numb your neck a tad and of course some slight sedation, however you will feel ALOT of it. And it will hurt. Sorry to burst your surgery bubble but when they’re shoving a giant needle in your neck, you will feel it.

Fuzzy socks, Comfort food, a heated blanket, a favorite show and pain meds are all needed again. Except you can add these lovelies! The Total Pillow – Look this thing up! It is absolutely crucial for a neck heart cath! It will hold your neck nicely in place whether you’re laying down or sitting up. Cute Band Aids – After a couple of days you still need to keep the hole in your neck covered, and I used my cat band aids for this. You should get some cute ones also since it’ll be in a highly visible place. 🙂

Well that just about sum’s it up folks!! I hope this refreshes your memory and helps for future caths. Remember to always bring a close friend or family because no one is quite back to themselves after surgery and it takes a while to bounce back. Take it easy and breathe, like always. Have a fabulous week and be prepared for a Fashion Friday coming up!! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Heart Cath Survival Guide”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better Haley!! My sister just had her first heart cath today since being diagnosed in June. Everything they measured has improved greatly!!

    1. Hey Mary!
      Wow that is fantastic! Best wishes to her and your family dealing with a somewhat new diagnosis! I’m glad she is improving, that’s what we hope for along with a cure. I hope she is recovering well. Thanks so much for the support and keep reading! 🙂

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