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My Fashion “Must Haves”

Hope y’all had a lovely Christmas!

In the next couple weeks I’ll be getting ready to go to Houston to visit my specialist and have a heart cath! Woo-hoo! The first one in a couple of years. Besides that fact, Houston always means hardcore shopping and I’m getting quite excited about my future fashion finds. Which got me thinking about my “must haves” that are in my closet. I have several different fashion books (3 by Nina Garcia, which are FANTASTIC and one by Lauren Conrad. All are great!). They always put in their must haves! So after ALOT of contemplating here are mine. 🙂 Get excited.


JEANS If jeans aren’t in your wardrobe, then you need to go back to your planet. These are a must have for anyone and no one certain kind is great for everyone. You are going to have to find the brand that works for you and your body! Also, pay attention to spandex in the jean itself. Because if you try on the jeans that fit perfectly in the dressing room, then after a day of wearing you have a saggy butt it’s because it probably has 2% or more spandex in it. Always make sure the pair fits skin-tight in the dressing room so it’ll feel just right after a couple wears. Unless its got 1%, then that’s going to take your own judgement in the dressing room. My perfect jeans are at American Eagle! I love their jeans, end of story. Skinny jeans are a must as well! If you’ve got a bigger build in the legs, watch out! If you want to wear skinnies make sure you’re wearing heals to make you look taller and thinner. Skinnies aren’t for everyone (me especially) so be careful. I own black and red skinnies! The best cut for me is a small flair which balances out the big thighs. Jeans are tricky that take time to get the hang of, which I’m still learning. So don’t expect to adapt overnight. And don’t think that a ridiculous amount of money and glitter on your ass will make you look fabulous in them either!


VNECKI love them. They go several different ways in a wardrobe, dressing them up or down. I found comfortable ones at Old Navy as well as Urban Outfitters. Don’t pay a ridiculous amount of money either, because a plain white guy v-neck found at the store can work just a good! Bottom line, these are an inexpensive must.


CARDIGANColors, patterns, accessories, studs, stripes…these can amp up any outfit or plain tee. And if your medication is causing a burning red flare up on your arms, these cover it amazingly well. 😉 Cardigans can be classy, edgy or fattening, so watch out. They’re all a bit different so always try them on seeing as how there are different types of fits. They should never make you look bigger than you actually are…unless your weird self is into that sort of thing.


graphicteeOh good heavens, let’s get this point across right now. When I say graphic tee I’m not talking about a tacky foul-mouthed bunny, mickey mouse or a print that TRIES to make people laugh. I’m talking about a LEGIT graphic tee because the point of these are to show your interest not your IQ. Be very picky and careful to find a graphic tee that’s worth a crap. I don’t suggest the grocery store but rather Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and stores like so. Graphic Tee’s are one way to look ultra stupid ultra fast.


jacketOh, jackets! I don’t have enough and there isn’t a lot of opportunity to wear them in Texas. But jackets are amazing, comfy and cover those rolls up! For me anyways. My favorite types are of course the bomber jackets and the Michael Jackson jackets. They are trending, classy and edgy. Go get one, NOW.


MaxiAs discussed in “Fat Ankle Fashion” you know exactly why these are must. They are flattering and are offered in a crazy amount of styles. Chunky arms? Throw a cardigan over it and call it good.


FLOWYThese are my favorite, but are also an enemy. These can cover you up but almost a little too much to the point of making you look MUCH bigger. I’ve bought a ton only to have my best friend say “throw it out!” cause they did me no justice. Always try them on WITH a friend there to judge because either they are classy and beautiful or “cute” and oversized. Watch out.


docsBoots can be any kind you prefer,  obviously. I’m hooked on Doc’s right now (Doc Martens as pictured), and are great with not only jeans and skinny’s but a dress and skirts! Take your time looking at a variety because boots are fantastic and cover up those swollen medicated ankles. MOVING ON!


heelsThere are no words. Heels are perfection, and if you don’t own any then you are just further away from achieving perfection. That was a tad harsh…go buy some heels anyway.


FLATSI say pointy toe because they elongate the leg and make you look a bit skinnier. I’ve tried the rounded toe, which isn’t bad but I love the pointed toe. Do the pointed toe a little more often. Just sayin’!


SOCKSI say leopard because that’s how it should be. 😉 These are a perfect adjustment to dull surgery socks, as well as keeping your coumadin medicated self warm. Fashionably warm, that is.


HatThe only kind of hats that I look somewhat decent in and will ever own. They are perfect for snowy days and to have relaxed curls showing beneath it.


BAGThis is one of the best bags I’ve ever owned. A good-looking purse is actually important because it’s a daily companion. If it looks like crap, then you look like crap. End of story. I’m a big believer in good-looking purses, but that doesn’t require running out and buy a $500 Michael Kors bag. A perfect place to find a great bag for a lower price is Urban Outfitters, Dillards and TJ Max.


PILL CASEThis would be something to throw into your great looking bag. 😉 The best pill case I’ve ever owned (and sadly lost) would be by Vera Bradley who stupidly doesn’t make them anymore. I’m picky about the prints, but finding one you loved and having the labeled plastic boxes on the inside makes in cute and perfect! Go get one, NOW! But that requires getting on Ebay. Good luck loves.

This is all basic and random, but all are equally important. I hope this gives you a new outlook on different key elements of fashion which im still trying to discover and learn for myself. I’m ridiculously excited for my trip and to overload my closet even more than it already is.



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