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A Zebra Among Horses

Finally, I am back. And un-sick.

I thought I would share a little excitement over this PH campaign about zebra. At first I was like, “Why in the heck is Zebra all over their page?” After reading their back story on it, it made sense. Doctors are taught to think in a way “If you hear hoof beats, think horses not Zebras.” (Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy this is actually said by doctor Shepard) This meaning, if someone walks in saying they cant breathe, just think its asthma and walk away. Associate common symptoms with common problems, don’t look for the rare disease. This just pisses me right off. PH IS the zebra of the medical field that they keep missing. My junior year of high school, I had just gotten to my English class and fell down coming in which was strange, but I just thought I had tripped. After the humiliation I sat down in my desk and remember feeling this horrible pain in my chest and dizziness. My friend Daniel in front of me kept asking “Are you ok, Haley?” While I answered, “Just give me a minute.” I thought my eyes were closed but apparently they were open while I was saying this, which means everything in my body was starting to shut down. And that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up feeling super relaxed and sleepy. Fulling gaining my vision and hearing back, I realized I was on the floor of my classroom with my teacher slapping my face, one of the assistant principles with a wheelchair and of course the laughing/starring “peers.” They got me out of the classroom, upstairs and into the main office for me to be picked up. One of my dads co-workers drove me to the hospital and I met my dad in the ER. We immediately were admitted to a lovely curtain room where they ran blood work and of course did MULTIPLE pregnancy tests. They came back negative (of course) and after that they had nothing to say. I love that because I was a 16-year-old girl who passed out, that they only thing on their mind was pregnancy. No EKG was performed which would’ve been a DEAD giveaway that my heart was not functioning right. Its moments like that that infuriate me because doctors are told to think this way. Why push it further? Why spend more money on testing? Psh, why believe the patient? I think doctors should have a new way of looking at things, TO SAVE LIVES.
ANYWAYS, PH is so misdiagnosed and undetected not just because of doctors but it takes a while for it to take effect on your body. I was diagnosed at 18 and told I wouldn’t live another two years. For seven years I complained, whined, “walked it off”, struggled, gasped and puffed on pointless inhalers. PH is a very invisible disease in a basic disguise. It IS the zebra among horses.

So WOO-HOO! Here is another Nail Tutorial with Zebra and of course, lungs! πŸ™‚ Start out with 3 coats of Essie’s “She’s Picture Perfect” but skipping the ring finger and painting it white. After letting it dry for about 10 minutes, take your Kiss black striper and stripe your ring finger into zebra. It’s really just a bunch of random lines! After that you will apply your lungs (using your Kiss white striper and Kiss glitter striper), then of course some Sally Hanson “Instadry” topcoat! πŸ™‚ I would love to thank my best friend Candice, for letting me PH her nails. πŸ™‚




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