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No “Decongesting” Anytime Soon

So this is pretty much exactly how I feel right now. I can’t breathe through my nose, which at the moment is acting like a fountain that only lotion Kleenex can stop. My right eye wont stop watering, and now I can’t hear out of my left ear because I blew my nose too hard. Yes, I am absolutely pathetic.

For many people its simple. Load up and go to the store to find your favorite cold medicine and be done with it. When you have Pulmonary Hypertension? No no no. You’ll be kickin’ it in bed all day with the Kleenex box, Tylenol, orange juice, soup and The Cosby Show. (Cause its simple one of the best shows ever.) Basically, you’re going back the basics of no decongestants or cold medicine AT ALL because you have heart problems, which doesn’t mix with those ingredients. The ingredient Pseudoephedrine causes some people’s heart to work harder and faster, and mine works hard enough. I knew I couldn’t take a lot of stuff, but in a desperate attempt to get rid of all this stuffed up mess I went to walmart and had this perfect liquid crap picked up until my dad said “That’s one the things you can’t have.” Which turned into the whole damn isle. So what do I do? Grab the Kleenex box and leave. OH MY LORD. Fighting a cold the old fashion way is just not fun. I feel like the pressure in my nose is going to explode, and now I can only hear my Michael Jackson CD through one ear. I am full to the brim on annoyances.

So beware PH people (or anyone with heart problems for that matter), don’t get a cold. And if you do, bury yourself in Michael Jackson music, soup, coffee and of course good old fashion TV. 😉



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