Life With PH

Become A PHighter

PH Awareness Month is here!! You should definitely get excited and show some support. It’s amazing to see SO MUCH support for other diseases, so this isn’t impossible. Post it on the blog, your FB…DO SOMETHING. I suffered a long time not knowing what I had and neither did ALOT of doctors! I could’ve died all those years from each episode and was given 2 years to live at 18 years old, right after I graduated high school. People are suffering silently everyday from this invisible disease, so let’s make Pulmonary Hypertension VISIBLE!!

I hope yáll have had a lovely Halloween (I loved it) and keep in touch with different discussions about this as well as awareness ideas. It’s THE month to become a PHighter!! 🙂



1 thought on “Become A PHighter”

  1. It is strange but true that the exact Cause of Primary Pulmonary Hypertension is yet to be ascertained. However, researchers in this regard suggest that certain diet drugs (appetite suppressants) can make a person more prone to developing this fatal condition.Primary Pulmonary Hypertension is basically a disorder of the blood vessels wherein the pressure in the pulmonary artery rises above normal levels, thereby posing a life-threatening risk. Several diseases or causative factors, largely unknown, may lead to the malfunctioning denoted by the term Primary Pulmonary Hypertension.”

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