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Fashion Friday: Make it PINK

So this is a very belated fashion friday!! I’m going to start doing these the first friday of every month. Does that work for yáll?! Good. 😉

So the end of this week it got RIDICULOUSLY cold outside. I wasn’t prepared for such a quick change in weather and froze when I did recess outside all day. But really, the cold is extremely painful to my body and it’s really hard to warm up. Being on coumadin and having your blood thinned all the time is definitely not helping the case, along with PH’s poor circulation. I also have hypothyroidism as well as Raynauds disease which greatly affect the temperature of your body. So I have a heater in my room that goes almost year round, as well as a heated mattress pad that stays on my bed all year.

Of course I’m picky about what I wear to go out into the cold cause I’m going to freeze wherever I am, inside or not. I want to look cute with all my winter accessories, and quite frankly I’m so sick of black pea coats. Yes they’re cute and a staple item but MY LORD everyone and their cat has one. I was on modcloth the other day (of course, it’s a dream website) and found this beauty. On payday, its mine. This is a perfect, timeless style and the best part? ITS PINK! 😉

Pink Performance Coat available at

But really…This is a staple despite its non basic color. The buckles up the front accent the style of the coat perfectly and are an unexpected refreshing look to replace buttons. The hood is a great bonus! This coat is perfect!! Be sure to be picky to stay warm. The heat is uncomfortable but the cold is just painful…and I’d rather beat painless in style.



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