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Fashion Friday: Make it PINK

So this is a very belated fashion friday!! I’m going to start doing these the first friday of every month. Does that work for yáll?! Good. 😉

So the end of this week it got RIDICULOUSLY cold outside. I wasn’t prepared for such a quick change in weather and froze when I did recess outside all day. But really, the cold is extremely painful to my body and it’s really hard to warm up. Being on coumadin and having your blood thinned all the time is definitely not helping the case, along with PH’s poor circulation. I also have hypothyroidism as well as Raynauds disease which greatly affect the temperature of your body. So I have a heater in my room that goes almost year round, as well as a heated mattress pad that stays on my bed all year.

Of course I’m picky about what I wear to go out into the cold cause I’m going to freeze wherever I am, inside or not. I want to look cute with all my winter accessories, and quite frankly I’m so sick of black pea coats. Yes they’re cute and a staple item but MY LORD everyone and their cat has one. I was on modcloth the other day (of course, it’s a dream website) and found this beauty. On payday, its mine. This is a perfect, timeless style and the best part? ITS PINK! 😉

Pink Performance Coat available at

But really…This is a staple despite its non basic color. The buckles up the front accent the style of the coat perfectly and are an unexpected refreshing look to replace buttons. The hood is a great bonus! This coat is perfect!! Be sure to be picky to stay warm. The heat is uncomfortable but the cold is just painful…and I’d rather beat painless in style.


PH Fashion

Paint That Thyroid Problem

So, I totally can’t find my thyroid pills. This is a problem for when I actually want to take it. It’s the hardest one to remember!

Well, I don’t know if yáll have a bad thyroid, but I suffer from Hypothyroidism which means it doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. They found this when I first got diagnosed with PH through regular blood work. It explained a lot of things!! Crazy amounts of hair loss, brittle/peeling finger nails, sensitivity to cold and most of all my chunky weight. But being put on Levothyroxin, I lost about 10 lbs in 3 months naturally. I really need to make it a habit of taking this dang medication…

My nails of all are the ugliest! They quite literally peel, chip, break and bend. Forever I use to get them professionally done, but that gets expensive and a pain in the but to deal with. But recently due to pinterest and keeping up with the latest trends, nail polish (doing it yourself) is HUGE. And I understand why!! It’s SO much fun! I do my nails almost 2 times a week! It’s a great hobby, its easy and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, you can tell a difference in expensive nail polishes but you can always go cheap. If your suffering from ugly problem nails, then you need to take up this hobby. You can find all sorts of ideas on pinterest and just by looking around you!!

Things You Need

Nail polish (duh). This should develop into a collection, to have more options of course. 😉

Remover (also, duh.) Seriously, the stuff from the dollar store does just fine.

A Buffer. If you’ve ever been to Sally’s beauty supply, they have GREAT ones! It seems like Walmart and Ulta carry ones that don’t really do any work. Buffing is crucial to your nail health.

A legit nail file. Once again, go to Sally’s. The cute one’s with zebra just wont do ladies! You need a salon one that wont lose its edge after a couple manicures.

Top coat. OH MY this is so important! It makes your polish look shinier, it stays on longer and it dries faster! I use Sally Hanson’s Instadry in the red bottle (its clear though). It’s in a box that hangs up at walmart and its around $4. SO WORTH IT and best top coat I’ve ever used!

Stripers. I found mine at walmart and they are so worth it! Do any design you want, for free. I chose a 3 pack for $7 and got black, white and silver sparkly one. These are great!!

Seriously though, its one of the funnest hobby’s I have and I can get creative and have “statement” nails! It’s just not worth it to pay salon prices anymore. Keep your nasty thyroid nails covered and have fun while you do it!! Best idea I’ve ever had! Here are some of my favorite designs. 🙂 Enjoy, and hopefully yáll can enjoy a fashion Friday this week.


Spider Web Nails for Halloween

Black Cat Nails (FAVORITE)

Michael Jackson Nails (SO proud of these)

Bow Nails

Ghost Nails for Halloween

Dexter (Blood splatter) Nails

Anchor Nails

Leopard Nails

Personal Life

Colorado Adventures

Oh my gosh yáll. I am alive, I promise. Life got SO incredibly busy and I’m glad to be back on here updating you left and right! Now I’ll somewhat have the time. I just got back from visiting my brother in Colorado, and  I must admit it was love at first sight. Colorado was absolutely beautiful! Tree’s had turned, leaves were on the ground and the shopping was outrageous. And it was nice to see my brother and his new wife!! I was down there for the wedding. 🙂 I’m SUPER tempted to move, however it would take a lot of work. I can’t imagine transferring doctors, information plus it would be living in a higher altitude. I did incredibly well with the altitude though! Everyone else complains and I seriously never notice it. Pills are amazing. But I realized how much I have missed my brother. He has taught me seriously everything I know, from music to movies to how I think and handle things. He and I are super close, and its funny that when I walked into a room full of his in-laws, they all thought we were twins! We could probably fake it if we wanted to. I don’t see it, but everyone said we look a lot alike. He is definitely my person who reassures me to keep taking my medication and that I have a future. We all need that person. For a while I thought I had that with a guy and was super close to marrying him. Be very careful, it takes a special person to stay at your side. He was far from being close to special. John, my brother, is my person. And maybe one day I’ll find a GOOD person to be my person. (How many more times can I say person?) 🙂

ANYWAYS, I’m babbling. I plan to update a lot this week so don’t lose all hope on me yet! I attached some pictures I snapped in Colorado. Get ready for PH Awareness month too! Enjoy your week, lovelies.

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Life With PH

I’m On Fire

Hello loves!! Its OCTOBER!!

Oh my, I love October. I’m a huge fall person, and October has always been fun for me because I love Halloween. Not scary Halloween, but cute Halloween. Is anyone else excited?!

Anyways, the other day I had a huge PH embarrassing moment that hasn’t happened in a while and it kind of threw me off. I’m VERY body cautious so of course a person like me would end up with this disease since it can really cause your body to do some weird things.

I have recess duty with some of the older kids which means being outside with them for about an hour, supervising and blowing a whistle. It was actually pretty cool outside since the October air has finally hit Texas, so I decided to throw on a light jacket. After a while, I didn’t feel hot but my arms were absolutely ON FIRE. Sure enough, I took off my jacket to see my arms the reddest and hottest they have ever been. Three different people ended up asking if I was ok and I was so embarrassed that I put the jacket back on when it was time to dismiss my kids and see their parents.

This has been happening a while and its very uncomfortable. A couple of years ago it was my knees that would do this and now its my arms. This red flushing is a result of the medication (vasodilators) because they dilate all those arteries in our bodies increasing blood flow and of course this causes flushing of the skin in some areas. Some have it, some don’t. If you do its super uncomfortable mainly because that one part of your body is a thousand degrees and it looks like you fried yourself. Don’t be worried that this is a bad reaction to your medication, it’s completely normal. If you’re not on a vasodilator though, I wouldn’t be sure about that…

The best thing to do when its happening is not to cover it up because that increases the already blazing temperature. Also, put a cool rag, ice pack or anything on it to cool it off and your just going to have to play the waiting game. Your body will decide when it wants to stop and in the meantime you are going to have to just help it along the way. These vasodilators work so well for our lungs but they sure do cause a lot of problems, don’t they? 🙂

My brother is getting married next week and I just happen to be wearing a strapless dress. Lets hope in the meantime my arms will literally chill out. Enjoy the rest of your week, and possibly your ice packs. I know I will!