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My Baby

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit! Working full-time while being a student has its moments and I barely have the energy to put this together. I wanted to finally post about my baby, Rocco, since I’ve had a very emotional week with him and really, I just need to vent it out.

You’re totally saying to yourself, “Why does she need to vent about her cat?” Lets backup. I adopted Rocco when he was 6 weeks old and too young to be away from his mom. He had fleas because he had been kept in a backyard (which contributed to his problem now, unfortunately) so I immediately had to take care of him 24/7 to get rid of them. He was too young for treatment so I washed him twice a day with dawn dish washing soap and combed him. Then about every other hour I would bottle feed him, take him to the cat box, play with him then he would finally crash. I was on bed rest from PH so I had time for all of this! On top of taking care of this cat/child, I cleaned like crazy and kept him in one room to prevent him from sprinkling fleas everywhere. I got about 2-3 hours of sleep a day. When he slept, I slept. I guess taking care of him like a child, he definitely became my baby and I quickly became momma.

Fast forward to today, Rocco just turned two years old on August 24th. I didn’t think we would make it though. Rocco started these weird coughing episodes that honestly sounded like hairball’s in December. I didn’t think anything of it until it became about February and they were still happening. After googling it, I suspected Asthma and took him to the vet. She said it sounded like it as well and gave him a steroid shot. We thought everything was great…until he was back to it a week later! I took him back in July with these on and off episodes and the second vet said the same, except we tried steroid pills. Once again, he didn’t react. So we went back in August and spoke to the third doctor in the building. At this point I was definitely expecting something cardiac. After listening to all my doctors and knowledge about pills, I’m not stupid and I know how to communicate with doctors. This doctor decided to run a chest x-ray and blood work. We got the results and I absolutely lost it. Rocco has an enlarged heart and fluid in his lungs which ultimately means heart failure.

I CAN NOT COMPREHEND how my baby who wasn’t even 2, is in heart failure. On top of all this, before I got diagnosed every doctor I visited said it was asthma and never checked me for anything more – and this was done to Rocco. I should’ve known better and still blame myself. So right now all we can do is give him lasic to get the fluid out of lungs (we’re on the same one!!) and put him on a broncho dilator to help the breathing. It’s awful to see him gasp.

The worst part about this is watching his personality change due to the heart failure taking its toll. He sits on one spot, doesn’t walk around much…he just isn’t Rocco. The irony also kills me but somewhat helps. I know what it takes to take care of him, so I know God put him in my hands for a reason. It’s just very depressing to know there is no help for him other than comfort. I love my baby and this is the hardest thing lately, and I guess I somewhat understand what my parents think about my diagnosis, and me being so young. I just had to tell my cats story, because he is PHighting too. I Love my Rocco, show him some love too!!



2 thoughts on “My Baby”

  1. thanks for sharing about Rocco’s condition- I had a similar experience with my pet -except that we got sick at the same time. It’s super hard- but he’s lucky to have you, and you him. Enjoy your time together.

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