PH Fashion

Lets All Just Take a Deep Breath

I actually survived this week! College is stupid and teaching school has just gotten off to a rough start. Lets hope yálls week was much better! Its Fashion Friday!!

I am a jewelry hog, end of story. I love jewelry sooo much and have to be careful about not over doing it! A student actually asked me this week if I was rich because I’m always wearing “fancy” jewelry. Oh that made my day! I’ve always hunted for a “lung” necklace, and thought it would be a cool yet different thing to own. I’ve hunted forever until I discovered Etsy and I’ve been blown away at the stuff this site has to offer!! Oh my gosh I’m so in LOVE with Etsy! If you haven’t checked it out, please do. You can find almost anything on Etsy! Of course, I typed “lungs” into the search bar and it had so many search results including this beautifully sculpted necklace. I absolutely love it!! This is perfect PH fashion, its a conversation starter and you are not going to see it on everybody! Plus its a very reasonable price for such a high quality handmade item. Check out Etsy and see if its available! This is definitely at the top of my list. Sorry this Fashion Friday post is so short, but i am sooo needing some nap time with my cats. Nighty night yáll.



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