PH Fashion

Fat Ankle Fashion

Happy first Fashion Friday yáll! 🙂

What in the heck is a Fashion Friday? Well, lets just start with that I am a fashion freak! But being on certain medication and PH treatments, lets just say it can have some effects on your body. My problem? FAT ANKLES. No joke. I’ve always had pretty skinny and bony feet, until I got put on vasodilators. These pills cause swelling (edema) in people’s feet which means the more I stand, the fatter they get because all my water is sinking down into them. I’m always on the go and doing something, and even when I’m standing in front of the mirror applying my makeup, I can feel them puffing up. They are the most embarrassing thing ever! I remember the first night I slipped my shoes off and happened to look down at my feet. I set them up on the stool in front of me and cried like a little girl. I thought I was so ugly! I may not be crying like a little girl anymore about it (well sometimes), but I’m working around it!

Everyone else may not notice my huge ankles, but I do. And when something bothers you, you’re just uncomfortable all day. With that being said, every Friday I want to introduce trends, clothing and accessories that are great for PH patients that work for issues with our bodies all the way to things that are just plain cute. So, sit back and enjoy your first Fashion Friday…I hope. 🙂


In the summer, my swollen ankles are so much worse than usual so I definitely feel like an outsider when it comes to not being able to slip on a pair of shorts and cute little sandles! Finally I thought, “Psh! I’ll work around that!” I still continue to slip on a pair of shorts anyways, however I choose my shoes a little differently. Boots are a fantastic go-to. There are a ton of different options and styles on how to wear boots and what boots exactly. Whatever you choose whether its riding boots, high heel boots or straight up cowgirl boots, your ankles will be covered! Here I’ve chosen to show you the amazing Frye 8” Harness Boot (Available at Urban Outfitters). Since we are still in pretty hot weather, throw on a casual dress with some simple accessories and let the boots lead the way. Camilla rocks them perfectly! Take notes, yáll!

Now that we’ve covered the more casual side of this, time to dress it up! Ankle wedge booties! These beauties are the best. I’m using Deena & Ozzy Studded Wedge booties (Available at Urban Outfitters) as an example. Now these are perfect for that one event where everyone is going to be wearing heels, and you cant even attempt that right now at the risk of your feet exploding! Wedges are a perfect, still classy alternative. They offer more support and with styles like these,  they’ll cover those ankles too! For this particular look you can pair it with a long sheer flowy skirt, short skirt, skinny jeans and of course a knee-length dress. Dress them up or down and have fun with color when it comes to these black things! Add some awesome accessories but not over powering. Let the shoes do the talking.

I hope yáll enjoyed your first Fashion Friday, and picked up some great tips – swollen ankles or not!! Have fun with your style whether you’re a PH patient or any patient that’s covering up edema or just having fun. Be comfortable and confident with your situation, no matter what that might be! 🙂



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