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Go With The Flow…And Burn Some Calories While You Do It!

Happy Monday lovelies!

I don’t know about yáll, but even though summer has reached its end It doesn’t mean we should stop working on making our bodies look great and healthy. For Pulmonary Hypertension patients, working out is an absolute no-no unless you’re really lucky! With PH and any physical activity, we usually black out accompanied with low oxygen levels and high heart rates. Even after treatment plans, some PH patients still can’t workout. Luckily for me, my treatment has been wonderful and I’m able to exert myself just a bit. I still can’t run a marathon or go to the gym and pump weights, so I’ve had to find certain workout routines that my body can handle, but will still actually make a difference.

I’m so excited about sharing this program because I actually did it as a PH patient and saw real results. This is a program called “Body Flow” by Les Mills. It’s a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi that’s intended to build flexibility and strength but its ALL ABOUT BREATHING! You’re going pretty slow through these stretches as well as strength training exercises but the whole goal of the class is to control your breathing! And the best part? You’re burning around 400 calories while doing this. I did this through my community college and I was in love from the beginning! You wear comfortable clothing, no shoes and you’re on a yoga mat the whole time. Some of you know, I use to be a dancer way back when. My diagnosis with PH really destroyed that, and I still have no idea how I did half the things I did and survived. I thought I would never be back to my old self, the flexibility I had and the strength, but after doing this class for 5 months I felt completely different.

I’m just sayin’, if you have the ability to workout with your PH and even if you don’t have PH, DO THIS CLASS! Of course let your instructor be aware of your condition. But in my opinion this is one of the best options when it comes to exercise with this disease because it’s all about breathing and controlling your heart rate. I love Zumba and things like so, but I have to be very careful when it comes to pushing it in those types of classes. I feel my heart rate rise and know that im not in a good spot. I may be burning some awesome calories, but I’ve passed out doing Zumba.

By far, Body Flow by Les Mills is fan-freaking-tastic. If you’re capable, do it!! Excercise is important. Take a look at your local classes and see what they have to offer! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Go With The Flow…And Burn Some Calories While You Do It!”

  1. Thanks for that info! May I ask if you are on supplemental Oxygen? I have just been prescribed oxygen for exercise and was wondering how these exercises would be impacted by the use of O2

    1. I have been put on supplemental O2, but im totally that patient that doesnt listen. Im suppose to wear one at night and a portable when needed (for heavy duty walking and things like so). I feel absoloutely fine walking and working out (even though on tests my oxygen gets low) so, with this class i felt fine! First off I say talk to your doctor about the class. 🙂 And if he gives you a thumbs up, I would not be like me and take your portable oxygen with you! It should be a little strappy thing with just the tank (im sure they’ve shown you) and you should be able to adjust it like a purse. I would strap it on in a form where its not hanging from you or uncomfortable (maybe see if they can get it in a backpack form?). You may not be able to do all the crazy bending and twisting (which is just fine) but you will still be able to do the stretching, leg and ab work. I say just move you’re tank around accordingly if you feel comfortable doing so! Talk to the instructor too about this. I say congrats to you if you do the class with a tank! That is awesome and will help with the breathing alot. I definitely felt “worked” and sore after the class but never exhausted or out of breathe. I hope the same for you!! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading Basile Rene and I hope this helps!

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